Monday, 25 July 2016

Visit from the Bower family

I love the Bower family!!!

I had the amazing privilege and honor to work with Jeff many moons ago in Montana.  Well, it's been nine (9) years since we've all seen each other, and it was like no time passed at all.  Good friends are just like that, easy and fun!

Here's a photo I hijacked from Challis' facebook.  Tayden, Jeff, Avey, Challis, Sayda, Solan.  Avey was born while I lived in Montana; now she's a tall 11 year-old.  Crazy!

Old Nice with the gang.

We had to get ice cream!

Family selfie near the port!

Outing to La Réserve for some snorkeling and rock jumping.  There's my man.

Tonio taking Daphné for a little dip.  She's such a fishy.  Isn't that water gorgeous?!!!

(Four years ago Tonio, Sebastien and I slacklined around here.)

And here's me with Daph.  She likes kicking her legs and doing "Motor boat."


Saying good bye to my sweet Challis.  (photo also hijacked from her facebook page).

And me and Daphné with Jeff!

I miss you Bower family!  Daphné now says, "Avey" quite often with a "Sayda" or "Tayden" in the mix... Solan, sorry bud.  Deep down in her heart she loves you, but refuses to say your name.

Love Linz

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