Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Wrap-up

{just a few highlights}
Worship - January
[Church this morning]

Snowboarding - February
[Valberg Mountain]

Park - February
[dirt, trees and fresh air]

Tonio teaching Revelation - March
[apacolypse 6]

 Finishing work in kids ministry - March
[electricity work and work in progress]

Nice Women's Retreat - March
[women's conference]

Grenoble - April
[4 days in Grenoble]

  Chels visits - April/May
[16 posts from her visit - start here - end here]

 Tonio turns 30 - May
[Hot dogs and Colors]

Nuits Carrées Concert - June
[nuits carrées]

 Volk family visits - July
[Arles  -  Les Baux  -  Cotignac]

Fox-Amphoux - July

Biarritz - July
[west coast of france]

 Austria - August
[Autriche !]

 Wedding near Paris - September
[Mariage français]

 Matching jerseys - September
[matching jerseys]

 Work in Cotignac - September
[construction in the countryside]

 CC Nice church retreat - October
[church retreat and church retreat hike]

 2-year wedding anniversary - October
[2 years together]

 Stone family visits - November
[la famille Stone]

Mountain get-away with friends - November
[our friend Thomas is 30]

Slackline with Sebastien - November

 Christmas - December
[Noël and Christmas continues !]

Thank you Jesus for another year !
We are blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

--Love Lindsey (and Tonio)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas continues !

Chez Rob et Cricri.
Rob and Cricri's place.

Des pâtisseries françaises.
French pastries.

La famille.
The family.


Seb m'a acheté une planche de surf pour Noël !
Seb bought me a surf board for Christmas !

Merci Seb.
Thanks Seb.

--Love Linz

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas animal video

I'd like to thank my sister for thinking of me.
She knows how much I miss these little rugrats.

You've already seen a picture of these cuties in their Christmas sweaters, 
so now you can see them in action.  
Also, Chops the Cat makes an appearance at the end.

Enjoy !

{as always, give it a moment to load}

--Love Linz

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Noël !

Joyeux Noël de Nice, France !
Merry Christmas from Nice, France !

mon mari m'a acheté des pantoufles - mon cadeau préferé !
my husband bought me slippers - my favorite gift !
{aren't they SOOOO cute?!!!}

Je n'ai pas pris des photos de tous les cadeaux, 
mais je voulais partager avec vous ces cadeaux que j'ai fait.  J'adore coudre !
I didn't take pictures of all the gifts, 
but I wanted to share with you these gifts that I made.  I love sewing !

un porte-revues pour Pierre
a magazine rack for Pierre
{found tutorial at Thriftary}

un coussin hibou pour Seb
an owl pillow for Seb
{inspired by LilSugar}

une petite pochette pour Nancy
a little pouch for Nancy
{great tutorial found at CharmStitch}

 un ventre...
a belly...
un coussin pour Rob
a pillow for Rob
{inspired by PaperStringCloth - I just made the "pincushion" pillow-sized 
with 8" squares instead of 2.5" =)}

une autre petite pochette, mais pour Cricri
another little pouch, but for Cricri
{CharmStitch as well}

mon amour
my love
{sorry, no tutorial for this one - he's one-of-a-kind and ALL MINE !!! =) }

Thank You God for the gift of Your Son Jesus.
And thank You Jesus for the gift of Your life given for us on the cross to pay the debt of our sins so we can hang out with You now and for eternity.

--Love (a very thankful) Linz

Christmas decorations

let me take you on a mini {decoration} tour of the house...
follow me =)

garland in the dining room

Gunther (in 3-D glasses)

our tree in the living room

poinsettia with homemade Christmas pillows in the background

mini ornaments in the plants 
(see anything else?)

stockings and more garland {our room left // bathroom right}

tin foil star and Christmas cards from YOU ! =)
{don't worry, if your card isn't there, we keep this up in January too}

 little candle and snowman above the sink

bathroom stars

sea glass, army man and glitter flower

best of all - the Christmas Eve puzzle !!!
{i'm a fan of this tradition}
I love these guys !

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope your Christmas has been filled with family, friends and lots o' love.

--Love Linz