Thursday, 31 December 2015

Third Christmas !

Celebrating with Tonton Robinou and Tata Cricri !
First, we stopped off at the beach to enjoy December in Nice =)

Love Linz

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Coppélia Ballet

Une soirée inoubliable !

My amazing brother-in-law planned a surprise evening for us girls : Nancy, Cricri, Lotta and me.  All we knew was that we were to eat before, we needed to dress fancy and be ready by 7pm...

Then, he proceeded to drive us around the city, trying to throw off our guesses =)... Well, it wasn't a harbor cruise or riding side saddle on a fancy horse or night sky diving wrapped in Christmas lights.  Ha!

It was a ballet, Coppélia!  At the Nice Opéra House!

Wore this dress ages ago in an old roommate's bridal party.  Let's see... 2001, almost 15 years ago!!!

Still fits and is just as elegant and beautiful as I remember.

My handsome.  Did I mention that Tonio, Sebastien and Pierre all babysat, while we went out?

Just arriving - going to find Cricri.

We got our own lodge!!!  I've only seen this in movies.

Our view.

Lotta, Cricri, Nancy and me.

Another angle.

Me and Lotta.

Cricri and Nancy.

Lotta using Cricri's cute little binoculars.

Our door.  Lodge 44.  So cool!

Parlor on our floor.

My view from my seat.


We go for the hard stuff.

Happy girls after a beautiful ballet!

Looking to the back of the theatre.

Ground floor.

What a beautiful night!  Thanks so much Sebastien for the tickets, and thank you Tonio and Papi for Daphné-sitting.

Love Linz

ps - I wouldn't mind if this became a tradition ;) I'm going to start saving.  After going to a ballet like this, I always think, "I really should do this more often."  Until then, I'll just keep dancing once a week, falling more and more in love with ballet.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Second Christmas !

With Uncle Seb and Auntie Lotta AND Mamie and Papi !!!

So blessed by my family here.  Second Christmas is almost as good as second breakfast =).

Love Linz

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas day =)

We spent a lovely day with Papi and Mamie !

Thankful for my family here !

Love Linz