Saturday, 30 April 2016


A mini retreat to Les Calanques de Cassis and the cute little town with a sweet friend from Seattle.  Thanks so much Cheri for this little fun getaway.  And Tonio, thank you for holding down the fort with our sweet little Daphné back at home.



Hello from the boat.


Gorgeous terrain.

Find 3 wild boar.

Zoomed in on a couple.

These little guys went and ransacked a family picnic.  We watched it all from the boat.

Bleu, blanc, rouge.

I'm always inspired to sing praise to God when I see what He has made.

Hello again.

Inside one of the Calanques.  
[Note: Calanque in English is rocky inlet... calanque sounds cooler.]

Green worm with sunglasses.

See the beach at the end?

Pretty colors.

Coming out of one of the Calanques.

It's like an iceberg.

Hello with some cute old guy photo bombers.

Stalagmites.  People were rock climbing some of these places.

Double chin selfie.


I love being in a boat!

We were on the FN boat... it's only funny for French people.

Our wind blockers.  This little family took the wind straight on, and Cheri and I benefited.


I like that band of blue water.

Boat ride back.

Welcome back to Cassis.

Port de Cassis.


One of my favorite shots.  So many fun colors.

Hello from the Cassis beach.

View from our little afternoon refreshment time.  See the castle?

Drinks from dinner.  Christmas!  Cheri got pomegranate syrop and water, and I got mint with Sprite. 

Second day.

Are you kidding me?  So incredibly beautiful!

Hello from our little hike.



Walking out.


Walking back.

Picture taken from the jetty I was just on in the pictures above.

Snorkel ready (but too cold).

My feet again.

Pétanque 1.  Find the ball.

Pétanque 2.  Find the ball. 

Pétanque 3.  Find the ball. 

Au revoir Cassis!  Cheri and I will miss you.

Love Linz