Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Painting & Church visit

Well, today wraps up our painting adventure (for now).  We missed the 3rd class due to an ear infection, poor baby.  And, I'm still so proud of this little munchkin.  She didn't touch the paint at all today, but she did play with the other little girl and giggled and laughed.  She's come a long way.  Also, at home, she now really enjoys to draw with a pen and paper, so perhaps she's been inspired.  Who knows, but I'm thankful for our time together, whatever we're doing!

Observing mama's work.

Today's challenge was to close our eyes and just make marks with the paintbrush, open our eyes, see what our imagination creates and embellish it... so I made a bike, a girl running, a sailboat and a vase of flowers (obviously not planned, but quite fun surprises).  A fun exercise!

This was just fun with color mixing!

And since the princess was taking her morning nap after the class, I thought I'd stop for a visit at the Russian Orthodox church that is just down the street from us.

Thankfully, she woke up, so she got to see the ornate decorations.

Can't take too many selfies with this little one.

And this was her favorite part... she kept looking up!  I don't blame her.  It's quite captivating with the lights and windows.

Again, I thank the Lord Jesus for this gift called Daphné.  She is our joy.  We (me and Tonio) are in complete awe of the treasure we have been given.

Love Linz

Tonio's hair

I think Tonio's last hair cut was in December 2014, before Daphné was born.  Well, the long locks are gone folks as of Sunday, February 21st... and no, I don't think it was his birthday present to me - ha!



Perdu (lost in French)

It doesn't matter how his hair is, long, short, curly, straight, he's the most handsome man on this planet!!! =)  This is how it was when I met him in Austria all those years ago in 2009... (insert girly sigh)

Love Linz

Sunday, 21 February 2016

My 35th birthday party!!!

A few of you know, some of you have overheard, and many of you have no idea of my state of health this time last year.  It's not the time, nor the place, to go into details, rather, a time to rejoice!!!  God is my hope.  He is my Rock.  He is my everything.  I'm so thankful to celebrate another year of life!

Believe me... my life is a miracle, and I'm so thankful to celebrate with my Tonio and our precious little treasure!  I threw myself a birthday party!  Look!

A few gifts.

You know I love to decorate with pictures.  Nothing new.

One picture for each year of my life.

Like my new hair color?

Just throw a few balloons on the ground - instant party!

Guess who?

So, the theme (because I absolutely LOVE dressing up) was dress up as something or someone that starts with the letter L.

Ladybug and Leia, the princess, that is.

Lab worker, Lion, Linus, Leonardo DiCaprio

Lavender and Love

Bébé and Maman Léopard

Another "shot" (haha) of Ladybug and Princess Leia

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lionel Messi

So, Tonio is Lionel Messi, a very famous football (soccer) player, and our friend Wil came as ME, Lindsey!!!  He secretly borrowed MY jersey.  Haha!  Good idea Wil, but your hair is just a bit short and dark =).

Leia and Lio.

We love dress up parties!!!

Lady Genvieve and Lancelot

And in France, you can put a candle in a ginormous macaoron and call it a birthday cake.

Soaking in the Joyeux Anniversaie song from friends.

Hey, we must have kids... look at those toys =).

Thank you all for coming!

Some of the crew.

La famille Léopard - well done Sandra!

And the pictures by age group... Baby and preschool.

Elementary School.

Junior High School.

High School.


After University.

My life with Tonio (and then, of course, Daphné).

More with my T and my D.

Voilà, la dernière photo.

Thanks everyone for your emails, cards, texts, notes, gifts, calls... I'm a blessed woman to have you all in my life!

Love Linz

Auntie Kikik

This is Tata Cricri, Tata Kikik, Auntie Christiane... We named Daphné after her... it's sweet to see them together.  We love you Tata Cricri!!!

Love Linz

my baby dress

My mom sent me a box with a few odds and ends, valentine gifts, birthday gifts, etc... and in the box, was this gem.  A dress given to me when I was a baby that me and my sister both wore.  Now Daphné gets to wear it =).  She's so very cute and girly.

Thanks Mama! 

Love your daughter and your granddaughter