Friday, 28 July 2017

France visits my parents

Living here in Nice, I've made lots of different friends... from all over.  These 4 guys below are 4 of those friends.  Their parents are actively involved in our church here in Nice.  And each of them were at some point (Nathan still is).  Well, they wanted to do some world traveling and road trip the western United States.  I got them in touch with my family, so they stayed with my parents for a few days as one of their stops.

My niece Rowyn, my dad Tim, Thomas (now in Scotland), Nathan (still in Nice), Jonathan (now in Canada), Michael (now in Switzerland).  And a cool thing is this is two sets of brothers (Thomas and Jonathan, Michael and Nathan).

The front yard where I grew up.  Can you spot the crazy van the guys rented for their road trip?  So classic.

The beach is a must when you visit my family.

And of course, my dad took them all out surfing.  I think they had a good time.

And their last night, they went out to dinner with my dad, mom, sister and niece (you may be able to see my sister's belly... she is just 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy with a little boy too... so cool - her hubby was unfortunately on a business trip, so he didn't get to meet the guys).

So, thanks for reading!  Isn't it always fun when our world's collide, when people we love meet each other?!!! 

Love Linz

Pool days

We are so thankful to know people with pools!  Here are some pictures from two different pool days.

Here we are in our little pop-up tent outside the pool at our friend's place.  She lives in a beautiful residence with a beautiful pool - a place that I am praying we can move one day.  Don't you love Daphné's face?!  Haha!!!


This little pool has a really great ramp into the water.

She can be totally autonomous!

Smile into the sun!

So wonderful to be in the water. 

And below is another trip with Mamie to visit Rob and Cricri in Antibes, who have a beautiful pool in their residency.

Fun with Mamie!

So thankful for their relationship.

Mamie and Cricri.


In the little pool.

After a day at the pool.

Love Linz

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

More July fun

Dear faithful blog readers, as our little man's due date gets closer and closer, I admit that each blog post makes me wonder if it will be the last one before the blog is on a brief break for labor, delivery and recovery... hehe.  Because updating the blog will probably be the last thing on my mind.  Instagram and Facebook... maybe.  So, today, I post one more. 

Playing with Papa's hair while he works.

Happy Bastille Day!

The cutest little teddy bear backpack wearer.

First ring pop.

Mamie and Papi's magical backyard.

She loves it here.

Morning beverages after a sleepover with Mamie and Papi.

And apparently this sweet selfie was by request of Daphné.  I love it!

Flower child.



A project that took me far too many years to finally accomplish... getting a frame and putting up wedding pictures.  We've almost been married 7 years - it was about time =)!

Cricri came to Nice for a little lunch date.

Daphné at 3 months-old and at 2.5 years-old playing with the same play mat.  The second photo is her inspecting it for little bro.

Cherries or a live chicken?

And I share this one, because my brother-in-law has the most amazing view from his office.  Whenever he sends us pictures, I think of this verse: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork." Psalm 19:1 - God is truly majestic in all He does!

Chocolate mini icecream cone.

Tired during worship at church on Sunday morning.

Playing with her buddy Emmanuel on Sunday.  These two are the regulars.  Every once in a while, there are others kids, but I think these two run the show in Sunday school =).

Love Linz

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pregnancy Comparisons

Hey guys, my good friend Julie asked me an interesting question, and I thought I could make a little blog post about it... "So, how have your two pregnancies been similar/different?"  I thought I could do a little compilation of photos.

I hope you enjoy!  It's amazing how the human body stretches.  Also, it's fun to see the difference in weather... Daphné was conceived in April, born in January... Li'l Bro was conceived in November, and will be born in August. =)  [That is, if he doesn't decide to come tomorrow or something ;)]

Love Linz