Monday, 31 October 2011

vendredi et samedi

*friday and saturday*

vendredi soir
friday night
le match de football annuel du lycée
agoura high school homecoming game

j'ai encore ma veste d'école
i still have my school jacket

chelsey est la préparatrice physique du lycée d'agoura
chelsey is the athletic trainer for agoura high school

agoura a gagné 25-17 - bien joué !
agoura won 25-17 - well done !

 samedi matin (tôt)
saturday morning (early)
on fait du surf avant la lever du soleil
we surf before the sunrise

après les vagues avec mon papa
after the waves with my dad

nos planches de surf
our surfboards

le surf était génial
the surf was great

une séance parfait, surtout après 11 mois sans surf
a perfect session, especially after 11 months without surf

j'aime bien county line
i really like county line

 merci Seigneur pour cette belle matinée avec mon papa
thank you Lord for this beautiful morning with my dad

samedi après-midi
saturday afternoon
tonio a aidé avec les réparations de notre système de chauffage 
tonio helped with the repairs of our heating system

mon bébé, elle s'appelle bailey
my baby, her name is bailey


Friday, 28 October 2011

safe on the other side

4 snippets...

switzerland, view from the airport window in zurich
(nice, france --> zurich, switzerland --> los angeles, california)

i highly recommend the zurich airport...mmmm

 the 3 little bundles that i missed...a lot
i can't stop smothering them with attention =)
cody is blonde, bailey is black&white, bandit is black

french consulate
where the french, european union, 
californian and USA flags are friends

tonio and i are enjoying our time thus far
we are adjusting to jet lag, but it really hasn't been that bad
thank you for your prayers for us to relax and rest

sunday (30 october) is our one-year anniversary !!!
my parents gifted us 2 nights in a beautiful hotel in Ventura
looking forward to it...along with spending time with friends and family

--love linz

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

last supper 'out'

dinner with the family
(just missing cricri, rob, chelsey & tanner)

this is our favorite "french" place to eat
just a few blocks from our home

tourist-free, good prices and great food
(especially the desserts...mmmmm)

seb, dad, mom, nancy, pierre, me, tonio

these 3 weeks with my mom and dad were incredible !!!
i'm happy that they now know our life here in france

the morning we took them to the airport, it started raining
my dad said, "look, Nice is crying because we're leaving."
we were so blessed with good weather
the rain hasn't really stopped since they left
thank you Jesus !!!

--Love Linz

fast cars & movie stars

welcome to MONACO !!!

did you know that it's the second smallest country (by size)
in the world?

and that it's the world's second smallest monarchy?
(neither did i - thank you wikipedia & my brilliant husband)

their borders are a little loose - look who they let slip in

2 princesses in front of the palace

saint nicholas cathedral where princess grace kelly is buried

we visited the gardens where the fat coy fish live

and a fat cat found us during luch
(mom, don't feed the wild animals)

we witnessed the knight in shining armor saving the fair maiden

and sometimes i must stop and say, "i have really cool parents"

almost got in a ship wreck with prince albert 1st

and the Beatles got in our heads for a couple hours

meet Juan Manuel Fangio - May 22, 1955 victory
grand prix

in the presence of champions


horse power

and just a few more horses


monaco's famous casino

 a little sweet treat

some pinky-up action

too small?  too expensive.  free picture

we had a great day enjoying this crazy little country
i love my parents !!!


floors in france

tonio and my dad fixed the floor
at Calvary Chapel Nice

after the guys took down the wall a couple months ago,

there were a few areas to patch up (good plastering job mom !)

with 2 engineers at the wheel, the project went really smoothly

they removed some boards are were able to make it like new

of course, we needed a break for pain au chocolat and coffee

slowly finessing the last piece

and the cutest couple award 
(aside from me and tonio, of course)


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Cotignac...the french coutryside

a day in wine country
mom, dad, cricri, rob, tonio, seb and me

 cricri & rob own this beautiful home with gorgeous vineyards

front yard

the little village of cotignac

 rob explains some history

olive press from the 1800s

 kitty cat from the 2010s

wish you were here

primary colors: red, yellow, blue

french cuisine by aunt cricri (pierre's sister)

fromage: cheese

dessert: sugar coma

mom picking fresh grapes off the vine



like a fish to water is mom to the countryside

 family: seb, me, cricri, mom, rob, dad, tonio


 home grown grapes
where's waldo?

hope you enjoyed the trip to wine country
cotignac, where rosé wine started
rob & cricri, merci beaucoup !