Wednesday, 30 October 2013

3rd Wedding Anniversary

To my love, my one-and-only stinker,

It all started one gorgeous fall day in October (the 30th in 2010)...

 Then you took me to a Mexican paradise for 3 weeks (Nov. 2010)

 Off to France we go... snowboarding the French Alps (Jan. 2011)

 Train to Italy after countless hours of my language school (Jan. 2001)

 A mini get-away in the mountains... my brain ready to explode from French (March 2011)

 You surprised me with tickets to the ballet in Monacco ! (April 2011)

 Road trip to Germany... find out you're really fluent in German (May 2011)

 Camping in Italy... discover that neither of us speak Italian (July 2011)

 Hiking in the low French Alps... realize how much I love the mountains with you (Aug. 2011)

 Austria at the castle where we met in 2009... oh boy, did I win ! (Aug. 2011)

 My parents come to visit ! (Oct. 2011)

I get kicked out of France, so we celebrate our 1st anniversary in Ventura, California (Oct. 2011)
{no idea what's going on with those spots on your face... blogger bug}

Gotta visit family in Washington (Nov. 2011)

 And friends too (Nov. 2011)

 Not illegal anymore !!!  You take me to parks to play (Feb. 2012)

 Discover that you're not the only crazy one in the family :) / Grenoble (March 2012)

 Pizza in Cannes with friends (April 2012)

 Paris with my sis and your bro ! (April 2012)

 Cotignac with Cricri and Rob and my sis (May 2012)

 You let me kiss you in public at concerts (June 2012)

 We go surfing together with your bro in Biarritz visiting Michele (July 2012)

Austria again on the dock where we met in 2009 (Aug. 2012)

 I like being your date at weddings (Sept. 2012)

 Celebrating 2 years of marriage (Oct. 2012)

 Surfing together in California / my brother's wedding (March 2013)

 Day before my sister's wedding in California (June 2013)

Hiking with your brother (July 2013)

 Summer island adventure off the coast of Cannes (Aug. 2013)

Our home away from home (Aug. 2013)

 Austria round 3 together as a couple (Aug. 2013)

Canyoning adventure in Italy (Aug. 2013)

 Hiking on the church retreat (Oct. 2013)

32 moments amongst countless adventures with you.
Fun, difficult, hilarious, serious, joyful, sad, happy, silly...
Marriage is all of the above, and I'm glad I get to live these moments with you !!!

I love you my T-bird.

Love your wife.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

monday lunch

last week was a bit crazy, so we didn't have a lunch date
but we did this week !

 tonio got pepper steak & veggies - i got local sausage in a yummy tomato sauce on rice

since it was my turn to pick, i decided on this restaurant which is 2 doors down from us... i've walked by it for 3 years and was always curious =).  cute husband and wife restaurant, very cozy and good cooking.  only open at lunch monday - friday.  just a tiny bit pricy for what it was, but not too bad.

Thank you Tonio !
I love you.

Love Linz

Monday, 28 October 2013

tourist in my own town

Nice is nice !
{never heard that one before...haha !}

Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning sunrise.
 All the fishermen and old swimmers were out.
 I collected some sea glass to add to our jar.
Mini wave.
 My trusty Peugot.
 First glimpse of the sun for the day.

Sunday morning.
 Tonio leading worship with Brian Campbell.

Sunday afternoon.
Sunset at Cap Ferrat.
Tonio, Brian and Noëmi snorkeling.
 Vivid color filter of Villefranche.
 Noëmi, Brian, Andrew and me.
 Me and my man.

Sunday evening.

When is the last time you were a tourist in your own town?
I try to make it a regular practice.

Just this morning, I was reminded in reading Psalm 100 to be thankful.
"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."
-Psalm 100:4

Life can be crappy sometimes often.
But we can't dwell in that.

I write lists of things I am thankful for.
Today, one of them was my beautiful city and the beautiful weather.


Being a constant tourist helps me stay thankful,
because it never gets old =).

Love Linz
ps.  I stumbled across this shirt in looking for a picture of a typical tourist.  I thought it was pretty clever.  No, I'm not that bad.  My camera fits in my purse ;)

Friday, 25 October 2013

guest musician

Brian Campbell

Nous avons Brian Campbell avec nous pour quelques jours.
We have Brian Campbell with us for a few days.
Il a joué au Café Colombe hier soir, et c'était impressionnant.
He played at Café Colombe last night, and it was inspiring.

Mon mari a joué avec lui aussi (cajon).
My husband played with him as well (cajon).

Apparemment, je suis vraiment douée à prendre les photos floues - ha ! 
Apparently, I'm really gifted at taking blurry pictures - ha !  No extra charge =).

Voulez-vous son album GRATUITEMENT?
Do you want his album for FREE?
 Trouvez cette image parmi les autres albums gratuits.
Find this image amongst the other free albums.

Il est un mec super cool, et j'espère que vous aimez bien sa musique.
He's a really cool guy, and I hope you like his music.

Love Linz