Thursday, 30 June 2016

Beach time with Mamie & Papi

This little muffin has not delayed in speaking words in both French and English since she was 10 months-old.  I've kept a list that is 71 words... and counting...  However, she's taking her sweet time in the walking department.  All moms tell me, enjoy it while it lasts.  So, I'm enjoying her just still scooting around - she doesn't really crawl, but does a pretty efficient scoot.  Anyways, she has just started standing on her own, which is really exciting!

Look at me, no hands!

The slow sit down with a funny photo bomber.

Bye bye Mamie!  She started scooting away, turning around and waving and saying, "bye bye."

The rocky Nice beach doesn't seem to bother her (yet).  Her mother, on the other hand, just bought some water socks and is on cloud nine!

She's got all her subjects joined for a speech.

You are all dismissed.

Playing with Mamie.

Both of their faces are too funny.

Ready to stand...

And standing!  She's so proud of herself!

A little help.

And voilà!

Hmmm... this is perfectly shaped and salted for my curious mouth.

She learned to throw rocks... now training her when and where is okay.

We have been to the beach about 5 or 6 times already, and she loves the water.  I hope to post some pictures of her in the water.  I think Papi has some ;).  I'm thankful we live where we do... I realize it's a dream for so many around the world to travel here.  We are blessed and thank God for His provisions.

Love Linz

Thursday, 23 June 2016

By the Pool

Tuesday was pool party at Kikik and Robi's place!
I'm so thankful we gave birth to a fish... makes it so much more fun since her parents are both fish =)

Kick, kick!

Splash, splash!

Pool with Daddy!

Standing like a big girl.

Stoked on her little pool.

Now, when she gets upset, she says, "Pool!  Pool!  Pool!"  Happy thoughts.

Darling little doll.

She was trying to sit down like in the bathtub, but a bit too deep for her little legs.

She kept pointing to the big pool... we eventually took her in with us.

Walking with Mamie!

Kikik and Mamie with Daphné.

No stopping her.  It will be nice when she can walk on her own, though.

Come on Mamie!

Come on!!!  She loves to drive us.

She really does like her Robi, but she was pretty wiped after a long, fun day at the pool.

And here are some pictures from Pierre... thanks Pierre!

Yummy chicken!

This girl can pack it away!

One of her favorite French words is "ballon" - ball.

Bright sun.

Fan club bench for members only : Robi, Mamie, Kikik.

Such a sweet smile full of teeth.  She's got 12 of them, little sharky.

The hat's a bit big, but she grows so stinkin' fast, it will be perfect for summer =).

Thanks Rob and Cricri for a lovely day hanging out with you.
We'll have to do this many times this summer... wink, wink.
AND WITH my Parents WHEN they arrive!

Love Linz

By the Sea

The water is getting warmer... yippee!

Here are some photos from Monday.  She loves her Daddy and Papi!

By the Sea...

By the Sea...

By the beautiful sea,

You and me...

You and me...

Oh how happy we'll be!

I love to live...

Beside the Sea...

Beside the sea...

Beside the seaside...

By the beautiful sea!

Little surfer,

Little one,

Made my heart come all undone.

Do you love me...

Do you surfer girl?

Surfer girl, my little surfer girl.

I have watched you...

On the shore.

Standing by the ocean's roar.

Do you love me...

Do you surfer girl, surfer girl, my little surfer girl. =)

Love Linz