Friday, 29 March 2013


sandoval-petrignani adventures


craaaaaaaaaaaastal !!!

my man

 at home with the sandovals

more rockets

weeeeeee !!!


thankful for the amazing people God has brought into my life


Saturday, 23 March 2013

the Great Race

ready to run


me and momma on the 10K

beautiful day for a run

mom and i and our last few strides 
{beware - very shaky}

tonio just finishing the 1/2 marathon

chels and dad at the finish line

dad, mom, chelsey, tonio, me

1/2 marathon - dad, chels, tonio
10k - mom and me

team hutchinson-petrignani

my stinker

sporting the medals

get up chels !!!

free pancakes - made it all worth it =)


Friday, 22 March 2013

home sweet {Agoura} home

these past few days

 à bientôt Nice

 hallo Switzerland

 ran into Scott Cunningham in Switzerland

 Hello California !
{surf time with Papa}

 the longboards

 County Line

 Uncle Mark saw us on his drive to work =)

I {heart} County

 Chipotle - oh how i miss burritos

 a walk with my momma...

 ...and the three rug rats =)
{bandit, cody, bailey}

day 2 of surfing

 surf bus
{rented a mini van - yes !!!}

 seb can't wait

the love birds in the back of the bus

VzJv_7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
we're going surfin' !!!

 my husband lookin' good in a wetsuit

 my daddy

 Starbucks in Malibu after surf day 3

enjoying every moment
thankful to be with my husband and my family


as of today, we are all here !!!
Chels flew in last night - let the wedding begin in 7 days !
Sarah and Tanner, we are sooooooo excited for you guys.