Monday, 24 September 2012

brother bear

Tanner James Hutchinson, I love you !
I'm so excited for you to marry your princess in March 2013.
Here's a little tribute to the best younger brother 2 older sisters could have.

You are a ham.

Like I said, you're a ham.
{I wonder where you get it from.}

You build houses (and cars AND you can weld).

You're handsome.

You love your sisters.

You like cats.

Real men play with legos.  You're a real man.

You have served your country well.

You look good in uniform.

You're a good employee.
{and even tolerate your crazy family invading your break time
to take a family Christmas picture in the fake tree forest - hehe}

You like Disneyland.

You graduated with your AA and your BA.

"Fun is my Chinese neighbor's middle name."
-Fred Randal (RocketMan)

You ride horses.

You make me laugh with your Tanner one-liners.

You're not camera-shy.

You can operate this !
{and other heavy equipment}

You can get a good laugh about hilarious white elephant gifts.
{One of our cousins ended up stealing it - haha !}

 Your life is a miracle.

God has incredible plans for you Tanner James !

Turn the page of the adventure story:
boy meets girl, boy asks girl to marry him,  she says YES,
wedding plans are being made... March 2013 !!!

I'm so proud of the man of God that you are.
Sarah is a blessed girl.

This post was inspired by Sarah's sister Marie,
who made a lovely entry about her darling sister.
Check out the post and meet Tanner's FIANCÉE, Sarah Klein.

Félicitations you two !!!
Love Linz

Saturday, 22 September 2012

walk around Cannes

Another beautiful day on the French Riviera
(stand-up paddling)

the reason for the name La Croisette in Cannes

 read for yourself =)

 in my fairytale world, Tonio and I have a sailboat and we live in a tree house by the sea with a ginormous trampoline and zip line

more S.U.P.ers
(can you see the little girl?)

my feet are still with me enjoying the view

garden expo

--Love Linz

Thursday, 20 September 2012

construction in the countryside

Nous vous aimons Rob et Cricri !!!
We love you Rob and Cricri !!!


Tonio a enlevé le vieux bois abimé par l'eau.
Tonio removed the old water-damaged wood.

Ils ont loué un camion pour les deux grandes poutres.
They rented a truck for the two huge beams.

Seb a tué les guèpes pour nous - thanks Seb !
Seb killed the wasps for us - thanks Seb !

Le niveau.
The level.

Une base solide.
A Solid base.

J'applique l'enduit.
I'm painting the water sealant.

Le trou pour la base.
The hole for the base. 

J'adore regarder Seb et Tonio travailler ensemble.
I love watching Seb and Tonio working together.

Verifier avec le fil a plomb.
Checking if it's plumb.

Les 3 Hommes Petrignani soulèvent le madrier.
The 3 Petrignani Men lift the beam.

Voilà !

J'aime bien les pieds.
I like feet.

Quelques ajustements.
A few adjustments.


Quel beau travail et quel beau ciel bleu !
What beautiful work and what a beautiful blue sky !

Je suis très fière de Tonio et Sebastien.
I'm really proud of Tonio and Sebastien.

Rob et Cricri, on espère que ça vous plaît.
Rob and Cricri, we hope you like it.

Nous nous sommes bien amusés !
We had a lot of fun !

Gros Bisous
Big Kisses

--Lindsey (Tonio, Sebastien, Pierre et Nancy)

Friday, 14 September 2012

matching jerseys

I love watching my husband play soccer!

His team captain decided that I should have my own jersey.

I am Madame Tonio (and proud of it !)

So far the team is off to a good start this year.

I look forward to wearing my new jersey to their games,
as I am pretty much their biggest fan.

You can't tell from the pictures, but this orange color is glowing bright !
Allez numéro 10 !!!

--Love Linz

we also have matching NY Red Bull soccer jerseys
you might remember from this little video clip in February