Sunday, 29 July 2012

west coast of France

Au Revoir Mediterranean Sea.

 Bonjour Atlantic Ocean and WAVES !!!
Welcome to Bidart, south of Biarritz. 

 We visited my neighbor, Michele, from CA during her vacation.

Waves, Salty hair, Sandy feet, Happy girl.

Atlantic Coastline is gorgeous.

Surf Station: board rentals and free parking.

View from Michele's balcony.
I never thought watching a round-about could be so much fun.

View towards the ocean.

I love dogs that love water.  This little guy was so cute !

The surfers.

Tonio, me and Sebastien.
{The wind kicked up, so we have death grips on our boards.}

Michele and I in Biarritz.

The whole gang.

More beauty.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz at night.

A few thank you's go to:
Michele for inviting us to crash your place for 4 days.
Seb for working so hard to become an Air France pilot.
Air France for giving Sebastien special flying perks.
Tonio for being my lifelong adventure buddy.

--Love Linz

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

da doodies !

doodies = these 4 little fur balls

{my brother just sent these pictures to me
thanks Tanner for making me smile}

meet CHOPS

He is the king of all the dogs, and yes, he's a cat.


A.K.A. Bopper or Bella -
She is my mom's faithful sidekick.


A.K.A. Bandito or Scooter or Scuttlebutt - 
Bailey's brother, he thinks he's a real guard dog - ha !

meet CODY

A.K.A. Toady or Fish Breath -
Adoptee, his breath could wake a dead man, and he has the most annoying bark ever,
but his dang cuteness keeps him around.

These 4 little rug rats make me happy.

--Love Linz
ps - I get my doodie fill here in Nice too !
Thankfully I live in a part of the world where there are cute little doggies everywhere.
And the best part - we don't have to feed them or pick up their poop - ha !

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Christian bookstore

Welcome to La Bible !
Nice's local Christian bookstore.

 Nancy and I have been helping out on Friday afternoons.

We are just down the street from the Nice train station.

 It's been fun learning, and now we'll take a little break for summer.

But don't worry Nice people, it's still open mardi, jeudi and samedi matin.

 A small sampling of our selection of Bibles.

Thanks for visiting us !

--Love Lindsey

Friday, 20 July 2012


Why am I sharing this picture with you all?
It's blurry, poorly framed, and taken through a car window...

Well, this is the famous gate to Brad and Angelina's estate.
I know, I know, so junior high school of me, but hey, why not?

Seconds after the snapping of this photo, 
a very big, scary-looking man emerged from the guard house 

We quickly drove on.

Thanks Rob & Cricri for the beautiful drive through the French countryside.
We love you guys !

--Love Linz

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Spending time with Uncle Rob & Aunt Cricri !
{in the French countryside}

 they treated us to a delicious lunch

charming describes so much of this part of France

appropriate door knocker for a town called FOX-AMPHOUX

Thanks so much Rob & Cricri for your hospitality & generosity.
We are enjoying our time here.

--Love Linz

CANNES, France

Tonio worked a "back-to-back" shift at the hotel,
so we got to stay in one of the rooms Sunday night for FREE !

 bonjour !

 view from our balcony
{the sea is just passed that tree}

this was my first time exploring Cannes

so, as Tonio worked

 I walked around town
I brought us back lunch to eat together

and also dinner

for you Space Invader fans

lit up trees at night

fireworks show

I'm very proud of my husband.
He's a faithful and hard worker.
AND he's so great with the clients.
I love to eavesdrop from the other room to hear him checking in clients.
He's so professional.

Thankful for little moments like these,
though, of course, it would have been WAY better 
if Tonio could have explored with me.

I like him =).
--Love Linz