Tuesday, 24 July 2012

da doodies !

doodies = these 4 little fur balls

{my brother just sent these pictures to me
thanks Tanner for making me smile}

meet CHOPS

He is the king of all the dogs, and yes, he's a cat.


A.K.A. Bopper or Bella -
She is my mom's faithful sidekick.


A.K.A. Bandito or Scooter or Scuttlebutt - 
Bailey's brother, he thinks he's a real guard dog - ha !

meet CODY

A.K.A. Toady or Fish Breath -
Adoptee, his breath could wake a dead man, and he has the most annoying bark ever,
but his dang cuteness keeps him around.

These 4 little rug rats make me happy.

--Love Linz
ps - I get my doodie fill here in Nice too !
Thankfully I live in a part of the world where there are cute little doggies everywhere.
And the best part - we don't have to feed them or pick up their poop - ha !

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