Tuesday, 29 April 2014


My friend Jessica is visiting !!!
[Translation : excuse to do cool stuff.]

We took the Chemins de fer de Provence, the Provençal railroad to get here.  
I LOVE trains !!!

A Medieval village in the mountains an hour from Nice with a natural 180-degree river moat... no alligators... phew !
 Bienvenue à Entrevaux !!!

Read more about the village in English // en français.

So thankful for a really fun and beautiful day with a really fun and beautiful friend.  Thank you Jesus for days like today... Your beauty is breath-taking.

Love Linz

Friday, 25 April 2014

Sister Birthday!

Joyeux Anniversaire ma soeur !!!

Today is a special day.  31 years ago, I got a sister.

A friend for life !

 We loved each other through our horrible fashion choices.

I love you Chelsey Colleen.
I'm so proud of the woman and wife you are to your great husband,
and I'm thankful to call you my sissy pants and friend !

Happy Birthday.
Love your big sis,

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Monday Hike

Randonée du Lundi de Pâques
Cime des Collettes (Toudon)

In France, the Monday after Easter is a national holiday... I love it !

 Calvary Chapel Nice often organizes a hike on this day.

I'm glad we came !  Look at the little lambies.

 Since it was a holiday, my ballet class that night was cancelled...

 ...and it was a good thing - my legs were in no shape to do any ballet after the hike ;)

 It didn't rain on us, but we got some crazy fog.

 The men ready to scale down the side of the mountain (short cut).

 The short cut meets the long route.

 And I don't know about you, but it always does me good to get up into God's beautiful mountains...

...especially when I'm with this guy =)

Love Linz

*first and last photos by James L. - thanks James !

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Waterford, Ireland

and the Anne Valley Lakes

Upon arrival, we ate lunch here {it was just like Thanksgiving dinner!}

 Notice the car on the wrong other side.

 Portico Coffee opened by the family below.

Clay is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Waterford and a friend of Tonio's from mission conferences.  The coffee shop provides ministry opportunity in the city and support for the church.

 Red pants.  Red door.

 Feet !

 Hutchinson.  These signs were everywhere !

 I really liked the shape and design of this office supplies shop.

 Dinner with the gang.

 Fly fishing at Anne Valley, Dunhill, Waterford.

 Learning to cast.

 Joanna patiently waiting a nibble.

 A nice Irish man helped with proper technique.

 Caitie and Pastor Michael.

 Set-up at Calvary Chapel Waterford.

Worship again with Caitie and Pete.  Pam Rozell, Pastor Michael's wife, wrote one of the songs we sang, Soften My Heart Lord.  Singing it while watching the clay submit to the potter was such a good reminder to be teachable and humble.  I'm so thankful for this refreshing time in Ireland with good friends and a cool ministry.  Thank you Jesus ! 

If you'd like to see a older full-length presentation from 2012, click here.  I pray that you are transformed and changed like I have been and continue to be even after seeing it many times.

Love Linz