Saturday, 19 April 2014

Waterford, Ireland

and the Anne Valley Lakes

Upon arrival, we ate lunch here {it was just like Thanksgiving dinner!}

 Notice the car on the wrong other side.

 Portico Coffee opened by the family below.

Clay is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Waterford and a friend of Tonio's from mission conferences.  The coffee shop provides ministry opportunity in the city and support for the church.

 Red pants.  Red door.

 Feet !

 Hutchinson.  These signs were everywhere !

 I really liked the shape and design of this office supplies shop.

 Dinner with the gang.

 Fly fishing at Anne Valley, Dunhill, Waterford.

 Learning to cast.

 Joanna patiently waiting a nibble.

 A nice Irish man helped with proper technique.

 Caitie and Pastor Michael.

 Set-up at Calvary Chapel Waterford.

Worship again with Caitie and Pete.  Pam Rozell, Pastor Michael's wife, wrote one of the songs we sang, Soften My Heart Lord.  Singing it while watching the clay submit to the potter was such a good reminder to be teachable and humble.  I'm so thankful for this refreshing time in Ireland with good friends and a cool ministry.  Thank you Jesus ! 

If you'd like to see a older full-length presentation from 2012, click here.  I pray that you are transformed and changed like I have been and continue to be even after seeing it many times.

Love Linz


  1. ALL your photos are inspiring and beautiful! Sooo happy too you could be with friends from here!! Although I'm slightly jealous ;) You look stunning Lindz! Love you!

    1. Hey Leah, I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. When an amazing artist like yourself tells me they were inspiring, then I'm a happy camper ;) Yes, I loved my time with Pastor Michael and Joanna. It was a much-needed and overdue time of refreshment and growth. Love you too my dearest Leah.

  2. This is wonderful. I am thinking of applying for CSoM, these photos are great.

    1. Very cool. I don't know much about the school, but the staff seems really great. I'm sure you'll be blessed. And I'm assuming CSoM means Calvary School of Ministry. Blessings.