Wednesday, 28 February 2018

6 months of life!

Our sweet little Django is 6 months-old.  Here's a photo from each month!

One month.

Two months.

Three months.

Four months.

Five months.

Six months.

Did you notice how his little brown bear got smaller?  Hehe!
We thank the Lord daily for our sweet buddy!
Papa, mama and Daphné are blessed by this guy.

Love Linz

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Perhaps you saw my post on Instagram or Facebook a few weeks ago...
Six of my poems were published!  In a real book!  With an ISBN and everything!

My friend, Amery, had a dream to one day publish a book of art, photography and poetry.  Well, she did it, and in my hand above, I'm holding her dream come true!  It's pretty cool to have been a part of this process.  She emailed me many years ago, asking if I had any poetry that might work with the theme of love gained or lost.  I sent her some, and she liked what she read!

I met Amery on a trip to China in 2007.  We went with an organization called Walking on Water.  We went to teach Chinese University students how to surf.  It was pretty incredible.  We also were able to share how God had transformed each of our lives and were able to share the gospel with a few of the students.  A rare and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Here's a picture of us girls below (there were also 5 guys on the trip, not pictured).

Amery is the first one in the line-up (then me, Kristen, Tammy and Renae).  We are all southern California surfer girls messing around with the locals' hats that they wear while gardening =).  They got a kick out of us tall white girls.

But... this trip is the not the reason for the blog post.  It's this beautiful book of poetry I invite you to consider buying this book.  It's not a money-maker for her.  All proceeds go back into the production costs, which she advanced herself.

Here's what Amery writes about the book:

"We Have Loved" is a collection of twenty-one poems and photos about love. The photos were taken in various locations, spanning 3 continents and into Oceania. Hand-drawn illustrations embellish the 46 pages. The paper is medium weight. "We Have Loved" is 8.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. An acknowledgments page, poetry/photography index and biography page are included.

The contributors include three poets, one photographer and one illustrator. Each word grouping, font type, illustration position, photo selection, printed space and blank space was thoughtfully planned. As you ponder our pages, we hope you feel among friends in your pursuit of love. Vulnerability and resilience are prevailing themes.

This book idea came to me ten years ago. I contacted about 20 friends, asking if they had an interest in publishing. Five of us caught the vision. I wanted this project to be like a quilt. Old articles pieced together to make something meaningful and beautiful. This final product is a dream come true


A gift for someone?  A fun coffee table book to browse?  Reading material for the loo?  Bragging rights that you know me, a famous published poet?  (<---Hehe!)

It only ships within the United States, so if you live in the US of A, you're in luck!!!
I do hope one, or two, or many of you buy this book.  I know you'll enjoy it.  Also, it will really encourage and bless Amery! 

Buy it here on Etsy!

Thanks for reading the blog.
Love Linz