Friday, 30 September 2011

gelato in Nice

if you come visit...

we will probably take you to get gelato
this is chris - he stopped through Nice for a few days

today is the last day of september (30th),
and looking back at the calendar, 
we have had guests in our home 20 nights out of 30
pheww...perhaps another reason for my fatigue

we are thankful to be able to share our place
it really is God's provision,
so we want to use it to bless others

my parents arrive in a few days and will be here for 3 weeks !!!
we are so excited to have time with them
my dad can build stuff with tonio
and my mom can help me cook and clean ;) hehe
i love them


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

day of rest

importance of a Sabbath day

 (a picture of Ville Franche that I took from a bus ride to Monaco one day)

this morning, i was reading out of my cute, pink leather One-Year Bible, and I was comforted and also convicted by the following verse:

I will also bless the foreigners who commit themselves to the LORD, who serve him and love his name, who worship him and do not desecrate the Sabbath day of rest, and who hold fast to my covenant. --Isaiah 56:6

as you can imagine, the part about God blessing foreigners made me happy, so happy i wrote it down in my journal.  i am an American in France...i look different, dress different, talk different, and even walk's easy to pick me out of a crowd as a non-Frenchie.  

it's been a wrestle for me - asking "who am i?" "will people here ever know the real lindsey?"  thankfully, i serve an amazing God who knows me and created me, and i have a wonderful supportive and encouraging husband who helps me daily.

as many of you know, i love traveling, and i love to try to become part of the culture i am in.  this has been something i work at often, especially with learning the language, the dress, the food, and the gestures like kissing cheeks instead of hugs.  slowly but surely, it's coming. and it's tiring.

a good reason to take a Sabbath.

i admit, i tend to desecrate (or disrespect) the Sabbath day of excuses, I'm just a bad "rester"

i guess i share all this to encourage you (and me) to rest and take time to enjoy the down time.  currently, i am writing from bed, as i am sick for the second time in the last 3 weeks...sometimes God has His way of helping us respect His day of rest. 

i know some of you pray for us - thank you.  please pray for our health and fatigue, for Tonio as he works at church, and for the upcoming visit of my parents - i'm so excited to show them my life here with my incredible husband !

hoping this blog post encourages you

Monday, 26 September 2011

le week-end

the weekend

vendredi soir
friday night
une soirée louange à calvary chapel Nice
a worship night at cc Nice
jeff, amanda, alexandre, tonio

samedi matin
saturday morning
 le coupe du monde de rugby - france - nouvelle zélande
the rugby world cup - france - new zealand

des pancakes de banane
banana pancakes
seb, jeff, steve (nancy's brother), tonio

samedi soir
saturday night
 seb et tonio ont cuisiné =)
seb and tonio cooked
jordan (tonio's friend), jeff, maria, seb, tonio, me

dimanche soir
sunday night
 gelato avec nos amis canadiens, jeff et maria - leur dernier soir
gelato with our canadian friends, jeff and maria - their last night

une semaine très chargée, mais quelle bénédiction
a very busy week, but what a blessing


Thursday, 22 September 2011

electricity work

chantier d'électricité

les pauvres
poor things

l'arche de Noé ne sera jamais pareille
Noah's ark will never be the same

au revoir les pieds des éléphants
bye bye elephant feet

 les plans
the plans

 mon mari, l'acrobate
my husband, the acrobat

j'aime quand il utilise des outils et il se salit
i love when he uses tools and gets dirty

"measure twice, cut once" craig

michael, thomas, et pascal, le chef
michael, thomas, and pascal, the boss

les nettoyeurs
clean-up crew

l'électricité était vieille
alors il faut la changer pour être légal
pascal a fait don de ses temps
quelle bénédiction !

the electricity was old
so it's necessary to change it in order to be legal
pascal donated his time
what a blessing !


Friday, 16 September 2011

kids in the mountains

les enfants à la montagne

un centre chrétien de vacances
a christian retreat center

 le linge




la rivière boréon
boreon river

my babe


 il a utilisé cinq résévoirs d'essence
he used five gas tanks

je me sens en sécurité avec lui
i feel safe with him

une petite cascade
a little waterfall

mon mari doué a créé le site
my talented husband created the website

j'ai aidé à nettoyer les chambres...
i helped clean the rooms....

...avec cette belle femme suédoise, christina
...with this lovely swedish woman, christina

sleepy time

tout propre
all clean

serge enlève les pierres
serge removes the rocks

grâce à barb, craig et thomas, on peut voir la rivière
thanks to barb, craig and thomas, we can see the river

prêt pour un feu de joie
ready for a bonfire

après l'effort, le réconfort
a french saying meaning:
after the hard work, the reward

nous sommes bénis de pouvoir aider
notre église utilise souvant cet endroit pour des retraites
la prochaine - 7, 8, 9 octobre (mes parents vont être ici !)

we are blessed to be able to help
our church uses this place often for retreats
the next one - october 7, 8, 9 (my parents are going to be here !)

--Love Linz

tante et oncle

aunt and uncle

nous sommes allés chez rob et cricri pour dîner l'autre soir
we went to rob and cricri's to eat dinner the other night

cricri est la soeur de pierre
cricri is pierre's sister

merci pour la pizza et la piscine !
thank you for the pizza and the pool !

--Love Linz

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

la démolition

4 hommes contre 1 mur - les mecs ont gagné
4 men vs. 1 wall - the guys won

Calvary Chapel Nice

thomas et michael

travail d'équipe


pieds nus

le Suisse est concentré
the Swiss is concentrated

mon beau mari aide
my handsome husband helps

clean up

o là là !

philip nous a rejoint
philip joined us

les mecs adorent la démolition
guys love demolition

après la démo, le nettoyage
after demo, the cleaning

presque fini
almost finished

bam - avec un vélo bleu ;)

c'est vraiment mieux
it's so much better

bien joué les mecs
well done guys