Sunday, 24 February 2013

sat & sun

samedi et dimanche

 des visiteurs de Seattle: Emily, Hannah, Tim
visitors from Seattle

 Tonio mène la louange avec Alexandre
Tonio leads worship with Alexandre

louant le Seigneur - Il est digne
worshiping the Lord - He is worthy

 on a commencé Esdras ce matin - j'ai hâte de l'étudier
we started Ezra this morning - I'm looking forward to studying it


more gifts

gifts from my momma and papa

thanks so much mom and dad for all the fun loot !
i can't wait to see you in 22 days !!!

Love Linz

Friday, 22 February 2013

birthday love

in a few words...

 amazing husband




 ballet in Cannes - HERE
{he surprised me !!!}

McDonald's dessert

rainy sea




dish towels




phone calls   
cards on the way
gifts to be opened
facebook notes
i'm blessed


ps. yes, I am 32 years-young as my dad says - birthday was yesterday February 21st.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

the little things

i once wrote a song called "Little Things" - as you can imagine, the lyrics encourage us, me, you to appreciate the little joys in life.  You can listen to it HERE and even download for free it if you'd like (along with the rest of the CD for that matter)... =)

That aside, I have some little things here that I'd like to share:

 writing valentines to my girlfriends including my first real French poem

 purple flowers decoration made by hand from some dear friends

my awesome caddy and it's plethora of uses

a note from a sweet friend

planning "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" for our church with another good friend

all of...

 the colors...

 at Ikea

 Borki, my little friend

 I'm healed after all that

 early birthday lunch with family

merci Cricri !!!

thank you Jesus for all the little things,
for it's in the little things that we see the big things
like how marvelous you truly are !!!


Friday, 15 February 2013

my valentine

Joyeux Saint Valentin !

 je suis reconnaissante pour mon valentin
il m'a acheté des jolies fleurs
il m'a écrit une lettre
on a mangé dehors au soleil sur place garibaldi
en plus, il a cuisiné le dîner pour nous
merci mon cheri
je t'aime !

i'm thankful for my valentine
he bought me pretty flowers
he wrote me a letter
we ate outside in the sun at place garibaldi
and then, he cooked dinner for us
thank you my handsome
i love you !

God truly knows the desires of our hearts.
Tonio is God's perfect provision, my one and only,
my favorite.

Thank you Jesus !!!
Love Linz