Wednesday, 30 March 2011


C'est enfin fini!!!
(It's finally finished!!!)

J'ai oublié de dire le monde de blog.
(I forgot to tell the blog world.)

Merci pour tous les encouragement.
(Thank you for all the encouragement.)

de 25 Decembre, 2010 à 15 Mars, 2011
(from December 25, 2010 to March 15, 2011)


Sunday, 27 March 2011

wedding singers

Tonio and I played the music for a wedding at church on Saturday.
It was a blessing.

Félicitation Aurélien et Linda!!!


Thursday, 24 March 2011

mogwai concert

En Public à Nice (Live in Nice)
21 mars, 2011 (March 21, 2011)

Tonio nous a acheté des tickets il y a presque 3 mois.
(Tonio bought us tickets almost 3 months ago.)

C'était vraiment incroyable!
(It was really incredible!)

Si mon français a besoin d'être corrigé, s'il vous plaît aide-moi.
(If my French needs to be corrected, please help me...Tonio, Pierre, Seb, Cricri... ;) )

Une très belle soirée...a very wonderful night.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

snow shoeing

Weekend get-away 
March 18-20, 2011

Tonio and I rented a gîte in the mountains for the weekend
(a gîte is something like a cabin in the states)
 warning lots of pictures...i'm never offended if you just scroll really fast - ha!
[because I don't EVEN know ;) wink, wink]

 about an hour or so from Nice

 Belvédère...the town we visited
(when I was little, I used to watch the show, Mr. Belvedere
-- brought back memories)

 view from the city

 talk about a definite dose of FRESH air

 enjoying my buddy

 town clock tower

 town cemetery...Tonio mentioned that the dead always get the best property

 view from our kitchen window - boulangerie just across the way

 drive to snow shoe

 snow shoes on our back packs - ready for action

 the snow was pretty deep in places

 we both had our fair share of "sink holes" - it was funny

 il faisait beau (it was beautiful)

 a little mountain goat, and he DIDN'T even run away, just plodded along

we felt like we had little pegs for legs when we took off the snow shoes
- weird feeling

 lunch break

 decided to head back down - started getting dark and snowing a bit

 we made it down just before it started raining at the bottom of the hill


 looks like a surfer and a wave...hmmm...

 beanie hair!

 spring is coming

 waterfall on the drive - looks fake

 view from our balcony in the EVENING

 TV dinner =)

  view from our balcony in the MORNING

 kitchen...wood, wood, happy...

fireplace, couch, dining table, my wonderful husband

 bathroom, wood, wood...

 our room

 balcony from our room

the loft upstairs - this place was huge -  more wood!
wood is a love of both mine and tonio's life, 
so needless to say, we were in heaven - 
wood houses aren't common here in France

 clock tower - view from the kitchen window

This weekend was a blessing to get away, relax, hang out,
and pray for direction.
We are so thankful to have had this opportunity.
Thank you Jesus!

--Love Linz

Thursday, 17 March 2011

date night

Woody's Diner
March 16, 2011

you'd think we were in Southern California - ha!
Tonio took me out on a date.
I like him...hehe.

making faces behind the perrier bottle

fajitas = a very happy lindsey

tonio's burger and fries...mmmm

sundae for him and chocolate heaven for me

thankful to have a best friend to hang out with all the time
thanks again love for our date


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

chez nous

Our place
15 mars, 2011
(March 15, 2011)

Tonio et moi avons invité Aurelien et Linda pour le dîner chez nous.
(Tonio and I invited Aurelien and Linda for dinner at our place.)

Ils vont être mariés dans moins de deux semaines chez Calvary Chapel Nice.
(They are going to be married in less than 2 weeks at Calvary Chapel Nice.)

Tonio et moi jouerons la musique ensemble pour le mariage.
(Tonio and I will play the music together for the wedding.)

C'est une bénédiction.
(It's a blessing.)

Pardon les phrases très courts...c'est plus facile quand j'écris en français =D
(Pardon the really short's easier when I write in French.)

Merci d'être venu (Linda et Aurelien et vous aussi)!
[Thanks for coming (Linda and Aurelien and you too.)]


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

chez Nico (means...)

Nico's place
 12 mars, 2011

Samedi soir nous avons dîné avec un ami de Tonio, Nico
(Saturday night we ate dinner with Tonio's friend, Nico)

 Ils étaient dans la même école
(They went to the same school)

Nico fait du surf aussi, alors c'était genial de parler des vagues et des spots
(Nico surfs also, so it was great to talk about the waves and the spots)

mon mari est trop beau et cool
(my husband is so handsome and cool)

nous esperons que vous vous êtes bien amusés
(we hope you enjoyed)

--L (&T)

Monday, 14 March 2011

fireworks !

Nice does an incredible job every year at the end of Carnival.
Carnival is the celebration before lent...Mardi Gras.

We hope you enjoy the GRAND FINALE as much as we did.

These are the best fireworks I've ever seen.
(video should load pretty fast, but you may have to wait a few seconds)

(Thank you to my wonderful husband who helped me with the technicalities of getting this video on the blog.)


Wednesday, 9 March 2011


amusez-vous bien!


l'église de Calvary Chapel Nice [dessus]
(Calvary Chapel Nice church - above)

la vue du café de fnac - une église catholique
(the view from the café in fnac - a Catholic church)

mon amie becca
(my friend becca)
une autre vue
(another view)

mon vélo
(my bike)

le côte Méditerranée
(Mediterranean coast)

un pêcheur


un avion

la gloire de Dieu
(the glory of God)

merci pour votre visite
nous esperons que vous viendrez encore

(thank you for your visit
we hope you will come again)

avec amour de Nice, France
(with love from Nice, France)

--L (&T)