Friday, 29 July 2011

oswald chambers

may my complaining, whining, questioning, and discontentment cease
thanks again Oswald for letting the Holy Spirit speak through you

"God is not working towards a particular finish;
His end is the process -
that I see Him walking on the waves,
no shore in sight,
no success,
no goal,
just the absolute certainty that it is all right
because I see Him walking on the sea.
It is the process, not the end, which is glorifying to God."
--Oswald Chambers (My Utmost For His Highest, July 28)

along with the Bible, tonio and i read this devotional almost everyday
we were both really convicted by this particular day
i keep trying to see what's next, but God wants me to see what's now

love lindsey

you can read the devotionals HERE
just choose "Today's Reading"

Thursday, 28 July 2011


15 highlights from our camping trip to Italy
Piana Della Casa Del Ré

la glace

 les hommes
the men

mon homme
my man
photo prise par thomas

 la splendeur de Dieu
splendor of God
photo prise par thomas 

un village Italien
Italian village
photo prise par thomas

une belle maison
a beautiful home
photo prise par thomas 

la forêt
the forest
photo prise par thomas 

l'abri avec le groupe de Jeuness Action Biblique (JAB)
shelter with the group from Biblical Youth Action

le brouillard

 bienvenue chez nous
welcome to our home
photo prise par jonathan

de l'eau et des feuilles
water and leaves
photo prise par tonio

le feu
photo prise par tonio

l'arbre sur le rebord
tree on the edge

 des cafés dans un château Italien
coffee in an Italian castle
vous êtes presque en Italie
you are almost in Italy
(jonathan, nathalie, thomas)

merci Jésus pour ces occasions
thank you Jesus for these opportunities

j'espère que vous aimiez le voyage
i hope you all liked the journey

--Love Lindsey

Monday, 25 July 2011

bonjour lundi

good morning monday

notre cour à 10h
our courtyard at 10am

la bible d'un an
one-year bible

2 chroniques 15,2 // 2 chronicles 15:2
la vie d'asa, roi de juda, m'a vraiment touché ce matin
the life of asa, king of judah, really touched me this morning

2 chroniques 16,9 // 2 chronicles 16:9 
il a bien commencé, mais il a mal fini
he started well, but finished poorly

le question que je m'ai demandé après lire...
the question that i asked myself after reading...

  est-ce que mon coeur est tout entier à l'Eternel du début jusqu'à la fin?
 is my heart fully committed to the Lord from start to finish?

je suis tellement reconnaissante que Jésus a la patience avec moi
i am so thankful that Jesus has patience with me

j'espère que ces versets vous ont défiés comme moi
i hope these verses challenged you like they did me

bonne journée
have a good day
--love lindsey

Friday, 22 July 2011

creative outlet

récemment, j'avais commencé un nouveau hobby...
faire la cuisine et faire les gâteaux !
amusez-vous bien ~

recently, i have started a new hobby...
cooking and baking !
enjoy ~

poulet avec moutarde // mustard chicken
 j'ai trouvé cette recette sur le site: 
i found this recipe on this site:

tarte aux pommes // apple tart
(avant // before)

 (après // after)
cette recette // this recipe:

cookies de banane et flocons d'avoine // banana oatmeal cookies
 et ces cookies délicieux // and these delicious cookies:

poulet avec moutarde // mustard chicken
tonio and i enjoyed the mustard chicken together for dinner one night
he gives his approval, which is a translation from, "you rocked the party"
i love my husband

tarte aux pommes // apple tart 
we invited pierre and nancy over to enjoy this one together
accompanied with vanilla ice cream and a nice white wine
mmmm...i think all taste buds approved that this is a winner

cookies de banane et flocons d'avoine // banana oatmeal cookies 
whenever i make cookies, i like to have tonio check them for me
he approved the dough, then almost a plate full of warm goodness disappeared
i realized that this recipe deserves a few more "encores"
i brought the rest to the church café where they were then fully devoured

--Love Lindsey
(we'll see how long this baking/cooking bug lasts - i hope for the rest of my life!)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lucéram through the eyes of... husband
i love when he takes pictures
(j'aime bien quand il prend des photos)

nos amis, la famille pahlavi
our friends, the pahlavi family

beaucoup de croix
many crosses

notre futur maison
our future home

la crèche avec les têtes de balle de pétanque
the manger scene with pétanque ball heads

un beau village vieux
a beautiful old village

merci chéri pour ces photos
thank you love for these photos

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