Thursday, 30 December 2010

a day on the mountain

Auron Ski Mountain
French Alpes
 snowboard trio
 drive to the mountain
 blue sky peeking through
 foggy window
 no words
 ski lift
 "chill-out ski"
 brothers: tonio & sebastien
 no crowds =)
 my husband
 the board i used
 view from the summit
 waffle and crepe with and tea
 fun to snowboard together
and that's all folks...
(seb made good use of his boots - time for a new pair)

thanks for joining us on the mountain
we had so much fun!
thank you Jesus for wonderful conditions and no injuries!


Monday, 27 December 2010

des cadeaux de noël

christmas gifts
 tonio and i were blessed to have christmas at our home for our first christmas together
 yep, another one
 tonio bought me flowers christmas morning - such a wonderful husband
 pierre prepares the traditional french meal oysters...raw...tastes like the ocean ;)
 gift opening sequence - thanks seb for taking these
 ahhh...cute card
 ahh...a huge blessing
 thank you!
 nice face t
 seb bought us a sword and princess wand - ha!
 and slippers for everyone - guys got pink...girls green
 nancy, aunt cricri, pierre, uncle rob
 livingroom hang out
 still at it
 brother and sister
this is what the puzzle looks like today - 27 décembre, 2010...a bit more challenging than the other one

merci to pierre, nancy, rob, cricri, seb, and my amazing husband for making this such a special day...

Saturday, 25 December 2010

christmas eve

 at first, the plan was to finish the puzzle before dinner, but cold turkey didn't sound appetizing
 mother and sons
 sebastien gives it the OK
 after a communion/worship service at church, we had dinner at pierre and nancy's home
they prepared a wonderful meal
 merci pierre et nancy!
 le fin
about 4 hours total
 well done everyone
 checking out the masterpiece
seb taking a picture of me

Thursday, 23 December 2010

richesses du monde

riches of the world
a game similar to monopoly, but more interesting
 tonio and i visited his friends today - he is like family to them
we ate, chatted, spoke in english, french, german (not me), and linzish (<--that's my tired language, where i make-up words when i can't think of the right ones)
after eating, we played richesses du buy natural resources of different countries...USA and USSR had the most...yes, it's dated, but fun
 christmas decorations!!!
 tonio checks the rules
 this is what you get when you leave lindsey in the car to wait with a camera and it's raining outside and steamy inside the car
 miniature effect
 j'♥ nice
 i ♥ nice
 i love nice
fish eye effect

tomorrow is christmas eve!!!
joyeux noël!!!