Saturday, 18 December 2010


last week in america
we spent one week in california before leaving for france
 shopping at lowe's for tools - much cheaper in the states
 coffee place in venice - saw tobey maguire - spidey!
 visit with grandma betty in LA
 traditional 16th annual turkey surf at zuma in malibu
 a great way to start thanksgiving...freeeeeeezing, but fun
 saw julie at the store
i know...i hair...eeeek
 thanksgiving: tonio, lindsey, audrey, chelsey, tim, kathy, tanner
 before the feast
 failed attempt, but pretty entertaining (yes, that's chops the cat)
 three amigos: cody, bailey, and bandit
 christmas picture at the do-it center
tanner is on the clock =)
 sandoval family: leon, micah, crystal, evan
 my sisters! (crystal is basically one of us)
 tonio and evan create

a wonderful week in, then nice, france

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