Saturday, 27 September 2014

Fresh Air in Cotignac

Nice is nice, but the French countryside isn't too bad either...

Tonio and I got to visit his aunt and uncle in Cotignac for a few days of R&R.  Enjoy a bit of green with us !

 View from the front yard.

 Vines ready for harvest.

 La Sauvageonne.

 Cricri's hospitality always goes above and beyond.

 Hangin' out.

 Belly and feet.

Tonio and Rob.

 Happy camper.

 My man - soon-to-be Daddy.

Our little walk in Cotignac (color filter).

 Bisous !

Waterfall (color filter).

Rob and Cricri, thank you for such a peaceful few days with you.  We always enjoy spending time with you both !

Love Linz (and Tonio)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Last night of dance for me for a few months =(

I absolutely love everyone at this dance school !  I started dancing here early 2012, and it has been a bit of weekly joy for me.  My pregnant body just needs a little rest, that's all.

Here I am with Michèle, the director of DANSE PASSION.  Every Monday night, I would walk in to see her cute, smiling face greeting me with a "Coucou ma belle" or "Coucou ma cherie."

And here is what's left of my class from last year : Bérangère, Julia (my teacher and the daughter of Michèle), me, Maëva, Oriane, Laurence, and Shayna.  Such a fun group and so sweet.  They all made me promise to come back and say hi from time to time, ESPECIALLY when I have the baby =).

I'm so thankful to God for giving us these little blessings.  This is one I will miss, but will cherish dearly... and don't worry, I plan on dancing the rest of my life... just have to take breaks here and there, like I'M GOING TO BE A NEW MOMMY SOON !!!  How crazy is that?!  Exciting.

Love Linz

Monday, 22 September 2014


My husband taught again for the 4th Sunday in a row.  He has been continuing where Pierre left off in the gospel of Luke.  This week, we finished Luke 10 with the story of the Good Samaritan and the story of Mary at Jesus' feet.

You can listen in French HERE !

I'm a really proud wife, not because I think Tonio's arrived or because I think he should take over for his dad...  On the contrary, I'm so proud of him, because I know he is being obedient right now.  And that's all.  Jesus, thank you for a husband who listens to You, even when it seems confusing to us.

Love Linz

Saturday, 20 September 2014

24 weeks

Hi everyone,

Here I am at 24 weeks pregnant !  I've gained about 8 kilos (about 17 pounds), and my back is starting to feel it ;).  Little bébé P is moving like crazy, and Tonio talks to him or her every night.  I've started a water class for pregnant mommies on Mondays and Fridays, which I SO look forward to.  As far as ballet, I think next week might be my last week - sad but probably best for my tired and radically changing body.

Tonio is the best support.  I'm so thankful for him.  He even took these pictures for me - thanks love !

 {picture source HERE}

And here's to our little cantaloupe !  We love you bébé P.

Love Linz

Monday, 8 September 2014

creative friends

Hi guys, I want to introduce you to some pretty creative friends of mine... and their online shops.  I might just have to re-post this closer to Christmas time too.  Great gift ideas for everyone.

Here we go !

+  +  +  +  +
Meet Anna with Line and Feather.  Seattle, Washington.  We met when Tonio's friends became mine.  She married one of his buddies.
Anna's sketches, designs and watercolors are so fresh and unique... I might have to give in and get the woodland creatures for our bébé's room =).  Check out Line and Feather !

+  +  +  +  +
Meet Leah and Eli with Double E Design.  Northwest Montana.  We met when I lived in the lovely state of Montana from 2005-2007.
Leah's husband Eli has grown up working with wood.  This dynamic duo can turn old barn wood into works of art.  Their shop is temporarily closed, but take a gander through past sales to get an idea.  Check out Double E Design now ! {Save the link for later... wink, wink...}

+  +  +  +  +
Meet Ivy with Hey Mommy Hey.  Northern California.  We lived on the same hall our freshman year of college in 1999-2000.
Ivy's hand sewn, hand crafted items are a combination of nostalgia with quality practical everyday use.  I bought some burp cloths for our little one on the way.  She also has blankets, hair clips, earrings, iphone covers...  Check out Hey Mommy Hey; you won't be disappointed.

+  +  +  +  +
Meet Adam with Adam Allegro Fine Art Travel Photography.  San Fransisco, California.  We were next-door neighbors growing up.
Adam's photography captures nature, people, city, country from around the globe.  I have bought several prints as gifts for people.  Just take a look at his site Adam Allegro Fine Art Travel Photography and be transported to another world... and then when you get back to reality, think about buying a print or two.  They are so reasonable and absolutely stunning.  Check it out now !

I do hope you all enjoyed visiting with my friends.  Aren't they talented?!!!  One of these days, I would love to have my own online shop, but until then I'll keep dreaming and support my friends' dreams in the mean time. ;)

Love Linz

Thursday, 4 September 2014

B for Blessing

Blessings this week !

Bookstore : I really enjoying choosing books for our window display at the Christian bookstore.  In July, Tonio made the sign for the top photo "Think About Reading This Summer."  Thanks again my love.  I just changed it this week.

Botany : I found this poor thing down by the trash cans in a heap of dirt next to a broken pot.  Well, now it has a new home =).  [Julie, recognize the quilt? =)]

Bomb : We I call it the baby bomb.  Thanks again to everyone in the states who blessed our socks off with baby stuff.  Now, finding a place to put it all...

Belly : This is me today actually.  Had another ultrasound and doc appt. at the hospital this week.  All looks good.  21 weeks pregnant, baby is 26cm long and weighs about 400g.  Pomegranate.

Beauty : A guy at church works at the airport in the cleaning department.  He always finds "treasures" left behind.  He gave me this cream on Sunday in an unopened box.  I looked it up online out of curiosity... dang, I'm using 52 bucks worth of face cream at night !  I wish it would last forever.

Beautiful : This week, we received 2 wedding thank yous in the mail.  We couldn't make the first wedding, Elisa and Harry's, but they thanked us for the card we sent.  And the second, you might remember from THIS POST that we were quite involved in Maëva and Thomas' wedding.

Books : Free stuff from the hospital !  Good thing I can read French... haha.  I must admit it's a bit scary thinking about delivering a baby far from my family and the familiarity of the states, but it's almost easier...  I just kind of go with the flow here.  France loves babies, and they are taking such great care of the 3 of us.

Love Linz

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

maison sweet maison

Home sweet home

All flights were uneventful (the way i like them), and it is a joy to be back with my wonderful husband whom i missed dearly.

Upon arrival at the airport in Nice a week ago, I walked out with 3 suitcases (2 FULL of baby stuff) to 4 familiar faces... one that i kissed immediately =) my Tonio !  Nancy, Sebastien and Lotta also joined the welcoming committee.  The above sign made me smile... Jinz is Seb's nickname for me, and Bilbo is Tonio's and my nickname for the baby until he OR she arrives in January.

I walked into our apartment to find these beauties.  My husband sure knows how to make me feel loved (he also cleaned the house - i'm thankful for a husband who enjoys cleaning).

While Lotta was in town, Nancy and I took her for a girl outing to Saint Paul de Vence.

The next day, she came with me to the beach while Tonio played soccer.  Then of course we had to end it with some gelato.  [Daddy, he really likes the shirt you gave him - well done !]

Since Pierre is down for the count for a bit*, Tonio taught Sunday morning (totally last-minute).  He taught the first half of Luke 9, and I sat back in awe at how God has gifted him to teach the Bible.  I was challenged to put myself in the disciples' shoes sandals when Jesus sent them out to share that the Kingdom of God is near. 

Well, it is still near, and now I, Lindsey, can also share the Good News that Jesus has died on the cross and risen from the dead to take away my sins, make me pure and give me eternal life... I want to keep sharing this.  And that is my guitar in the background - I got to lead worship before T taught.

Listen to message HERE in French once it's online : DIMANCHE 31 AOÛT, 2014

Thanks my T for your beautiful heart.  I love you !

Love Linz
*Pierre broke his back while canyoning with Tonio and Sebastien on Monday 25th of August.  Please pray for a good post-surgery recovery and for God's perfect will through it all.