Monday, 31 October 2016

Rembering Eisley

My brother and sister-in-law still grieve the loss of their sweet baby girl, Eisley Hope.  She had 12 perfect days of life (March 23 - April 4, 2015), and during those days, Sarah and Tanner were the BEST parents to that sweet little muffin. 

October 15th was "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day."  In honor of our little niece, we were able to let a balloon fly to remember her life.  Here is Daphné ready to get down to some rock sorting business.

Daphné never got to meet her cousin Eisley; neither did we...

But we talk often of her cousin Eisley who is in Heaven with Jesus.

And we get to see her one day!

This day in Nice was particularly beautiful.

Just for you little Eisley.

We love you Eisley!

Daphné was a bit preoccupied with rocks.

In memory of our sweet niece and cousin!

Look at that coastline!

Getting ready to let go of the balloon.

She was playing with it more than trying to let it go.

And this is just before the release.

We love our Eisley!  As you can see, there is an identical balloon attached to Daphné's stroller.  We brought it home to talk about why we are remembering her cousin.

Up, up and away over the city of Nice.

It's possible it made it to Italy or even Switzerland.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

My heart grieves for my brother and sister-in-law... I can't even imagine.  So, we try to do whatever little thing we can to honor and acknowledge the life of their daughter, our niece, Daphné's cousin.

Sarah and Tanner, we love you guys so much!

Love Linz

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Church Retreat

Daphné's second church retreat.  It's nice to get some mountain air.  And God gave us beautiful weather.  October 7-9.  Saint-Martin-Vésubie.

You want me to what mama?  Smile?

Daphné points at the horsie.  She makes a whinny sound when she refers to horses.  So cute.

Flannel and fire.

Worshiping the King of kings!

Car ride to hike.

Up up up!

Can you spot Daphné and Tonio?

These things save my knees on the decent.

My tribe.


Love them.

Selfie with Pompon.

Oh how I need these two.

See the cows?


She's got her game face on.

Closest she's ever been to a cow.

Hey cow!

Best seat in the house.

Adventures are so fun with this little girl.
{Don't get jealous... they can also be tiring, whiny, poopy, full of tears and sleepless... BUT the joy definitely, somehow in a weird way, cancels that all out... don't ask... just become a parent and you'll totally understand.}

Her little toddler legs, toddling.

Something about rivers and bridges.


No big deal.

Hey mom.

Are you still taking pictures of me?

Playing with the big boys.

These two, Marius and Esteban, were so sweet with Daphné.

They taught her how to throw a ball.

Many more moments were enjoyed than the ones you see here.  I think my favorite part was playing volleyball on Sunday.  Boy, do I miss that sport.  Anyways, it was a cool weekend and fun to get to know some people from the church a bit better.

Love Linz

Friday, 21 October 2016

Park Hopping and more

Thankfully, we have lots of parks in the city.  Daphné and I are still discovering all of them, in fact, we visited 2 more new ones today (pictures from that outing will be in another future post).  Some random fun mixed with some parks.

Vicotr Hugo Park.

Park in the hills.

Coulée Verte Park.


Mattress playing.

Hmmm.  Daphné did you finish your peas?

Watching Finding Nemo.

Getting ready for the church retreat in the mountains.

Indoor park.

She accessorized.

Bracelets on  her legs.

I love that she understands silly and fun.

Thiole Park.

Watching our little baby fox in the wild... I mean in her bed.

Love Linz