Wednesday, 19 October 2016

BEST Surprise EVER!

I love surprises!  And I don't know why, but I always seem to figure them out.  I don't try to, in fact, I try not to.  But for some reason, I often happened to stumble upon a piece of information that links me to the intended surprise, and I get a little sad... because like I said, "I love surprises!"

I always wondered what it would be like to be surprised like you see in the movies.  It's never happened to me... not once... until September 30th, 2016.  Full back story at the end.

My friend Crystal came to visit me!!!  Never in a million years did I think we'd be going to the airport to pick up CRAAAAAAAAAASTAL!!! [I like Tonio's face.]

You can't tell, but I have tears in my eyes.  I was so happy.  I think everyone in the airport thought I was crazy.  Crystal got it on film... I can't even really remember exactly what happened, but I was the most surprised I've ever been in my entire life (and I think I was a little loud about it).

She's in our home!!!

Little Daphodil really enjoyed having "Cryssal" and "Ell-y" (Crystal and Allie) stay with us.  Allie is Crystal's mama, who was traveling with her.

A fun time at a café the next day : me, Allie, Crystal, Sebastien, Daphné, Tonio.  It was very cool for Crystal and Seb to re-unite also, since he's become a huge part of their family (Crystal's boys 11 and 13, I think, just adore both Sebastien and Tonio).

A little walk with the princess.  I love how Crystal calls Daphné "a little lady."

Allie got a picture of us getting a picture of us.  HA.

Strollin' with her girls.

A little visit to the Exotic Gardens of Eze.

This tiny person is the best caretaker of all her animals.  First thing she did, gave her pony a drink and faced pony to look out upon the French Riviera.  All of Daphné's animals and toys like her a lot. ;)

Kisses from Auntie Crystal.

Too much!

My heart is so happy that Daphné now knows one of my bestest friends in the whole wide universe!

Bouncing on the boing-y chair.

Our story goes back forever and a day it seems, with so many changes, trials, joys and sorrows in between, but our friendship just keeps growing.  I love this girl so much!

Daphné wanted you all to see her tongue. 

Can you believe that backdrop?!  Our God the Creator is absolutely stunning in His craftsmanship!

Fragonard Parfumerie.


A photo I will cherish for ever and always.  The two of us in the Mediterranean Sea TOGETHER!!!


My loves.

Man, I miss her as I'm typing this post.  Funny thing, Crystal never lets up that Tonio, Daphné and I need to move to Encinitas, CA and be neighbors.  OK!  [True fact : As I finished typing this sentence, guess who called?  Ha!  It was Crystal!]

And here we are at the airport before saying bye.  Daphné fits as a carry-on.  Crystal almost took her to get me, then Tonio to follow... haha!

Back story of the surprise :  Some time in May or June, I was having a rough day, so Tonio wanted to cheer me up by letting me know about a surprise coming to visit in September.  I was so upset that he told me.  I was kind of a brat about it, actually.  I said, "Now it's not a surprise.  I'm going to figure out who it is."  We kind of dropped it.  I had my ideas.  Then later, he said, "It's a mom and daughter."  Again, I was sooooo upset.  Grrrrr.  "Now I know I'm going to figure it out Tonio."  Well, this totally threw any of my ideas out the window.  I thought my friend Joanna from Montana was coming or hoping but not thinking it at all possible to be Crystal.  After all, she has a husband, and 2 almost teenage boys, plus homeschooling, plus trying to find a new place to live, etc...  So there, Joanna and Crystal were completely ruled out of the equation... they don't have daughters after all.

Then, even later, Tonio let me know it was just for a weekend visit.  Ok, so I had myself convinced it was the mom and younger daughter from the family I lived with in Cyprus, Darlene and Emma.  They are close enough to do just a quick weekend trip.  Convinced, I was.  And I was excited.  I hadn't seen them in a looooong time.

So, the afternoon comes to go to the airport.  On the way out of the house, I get a letter from my friend Crystal in the mail.  I read it thankful for her and missing her, not thinking one single bit that I'm about to see her in like 20 minutes.  We get inside the airport.  Tonio says, "Oh, I hear Italian, that's a good sign.  Their plane must have landed."  Ok, so now I'm totally off.  Why would Darlene and Emma fly through Italy?  The layovers out of Cyprus are often in Germany or England.  Oh, maybe it's a missionary family I know in Italy, Maria and one of her daughters.

Walking along, looking for a familiar face of some sort, I hear my name.  I look to the left to see Crystal (and her mom Allie)!!!  Mother-Daughter.  I was beyond surprised.  I should get the video from Crystal to post here.  Until then, just imagine, 2 loud American girls reunited in the Nice Airport.  She had been keeping it a secret from me for 5 months!  She even unfriended me from Facebook and Instagram at the start of their trip, so I couldn't follow her journey and have an idea.  She and her mom went on a Footsteps of Paul trip through Turkey, Greece and Rome.  So cool.  And I was so honored to be the cherry on top of their voyage.  We truly enjoyed our time together.  Too short.  But it's always too short when you're with good friends, right?  Heaven is going to be so delightful.  All in one place.  No good byes.  No good nights.  No see you laters.

I love you Crystal.  Thanks again for coming!

Love Linz


  1. Très belle histoir Linz- Vous êtes adorables toutes les deux !

  2. Oh my gosh- I had a rough mothering day today and this put a big silly smile on my face! It was SO WORTH IT to surprise you! I had the best time and I miss you so much. Hurry up, Thanksgiving!!!