Thursday, 13 October 2016

Tata Kikik

Hey guys, well, it's been a while, and I'm going to play catch up the next few days.  

I took a small detour to share my walk through depression, and at the point that I'm writing the blog post you are currently reading, over 1200 people have opened my story!  Crazy!  On average, 25 people read the blog, so I'm absolutely amazed at the response I've had.  I pray God is glorified most of all... And... it has shown me that there is a need for vulnerability and education on the subject of mental illness.  I'm sure it won't be the last time I share.

So, in the mean time, back to zee blogue.  (That's French for 'the blog'... hehe!)

Tata Kikik came to visit!

We sure do love when Daphné Christiane gets to hang out with Tata Christiane.

I just love this picture.

And tell me, how adorable are those pink overalls?  Seriously.

Euro bin score!  She has since decorated it (with her papa's help) and wears it around the house.  It's disturbingly cute.

Love Linz


  1. Too cute - Thanks Linz for sharing my walk with the most adorable princess Daphné - Love & bacis -

  2. Yes. Disturbingly cute! 😂👍🏻