Friday, 21 October 2016

Park Hopping and more

Thankfully, we have lots of parks in the city.  Daphné and I are still discovering all of them, in fact, we visited 2 more new ones today (pictures from that outing will be in another future post).  Some random fun mixed with some parks.

Vicotr Hugo Park.

Park in the hills.

Coulée Verte Park.


Mattress playing.

Hmmm.  Daphné did you finish your peas?

Watching Finding Nemo.

Getting ready for the church retreat in the mountains.

Indoor park.

She accessorized.

Bracelets on  her legs.

I love that she understands silly and fun.

Thiole Park.

Watching our little baby fox in the wild... I mean in her bed.

Love Linz