Tuesday, 28 August 2012

sixty - 60

Joyeux Anniversaire Papa !!!
Happy Birthday Daddy !!!

Hier (27.8.12), il a fêté ses soixante ans.
Yesterday (8.27.12), he celebrated sixty years.

Si vous connaissez mon père, vous savez qu'il a l'air beaucoup plus jeune.
If you know my dad, you know that he seems so much younger.

Il surfe encore.
Il tune encore ses voitures.
Il est encore le meilleur papa.
Il aime encore ma maman avec l'amour de Christ.
Il aime encore son Sauveur, Jésus-Christ.
Still surfing.
Still working on hot rods.
Still the best dad ever.
Still loving my mom with the love of Christ.
Still in love with his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Je t'aime Papa !
I love you Daddy !
Love Linz

Thursday, 23 August 2012

fresh air

un chalet à la montagnes avec nos amis
a cabin in the mountains with our friends

la famille de notre ami, Thomas, a un chalet à Andon, France
our friend Thomas' family has a cabin in Andon, France

Thomas et Maëva


 c'était bien de passer du temps ensemble
it was good to hang out

la vue de notre chambre
the view from our room

nous sommes restés une nuit avec eux
we stayed one night with them

merci les amis !!!
thanks friends !!!

Thomas et Maëva vivent à Grenoble et Edgar vit à Paris;
alors on profite bien quand on le temps ensemble.

Thomas and Maëva live in Grenoble and Edgar lives in Paris;
so we really enjoy when we have time together.

Thomas et Maëva, merci encore de nous avoir invités.
Thomas and Maëva, thanks again for inviting us.

--Love Linz

Monday, 20 August 2012

Autriche !

Bienvenue en Autriche !
Welcome to Austria !

On a passé une semaine tellement bénie.
We had a really blessed week.

Le quai où nous nous sommes rencontrés il y a 3 ans.
The dock where we met 3 years ago.

C'était magnifique !
It was wonderful !

Mon visage du matin et notre vue de l'hôtel.
My morning face and the view from our bed & breakfast.

Autriche: une carte postale partout.
Austria: a post card everywhere.

Faire des équipes.
Making teams.



Le nouvel ami de Tonio, son fan fidèle.
Tonio's new friend, his faithful fan.

[cute story: Tonio would address him by saying, "Hey buddy!" 
and little James would say the same thing to Tonio 
every time he saw him during the week, "Hey buddy!"]

Les 3 équipes.
The 3 teams.

Une nuit au château.
A night at the castle.

Mes amies: Nathalie et Holly.

Traversée du lac.
Crossing the lake.

yee haw !

Anna et Nick - bientôt marriés.
Anna and Nick - soon to be married.

Riley a gagné !
Riley won !

Nathan et Nathalie.

La banane.
[I'll let you translate for yourself.]

J'ai failli réussir... la prochaine fois.
I almost got it... next time.

Le château sur la colline.
The castle on the hill.

Les représentants de Nice, France et...
The representatives of Nice, France and...

...de toute la France !
...from all over France !

Les enfants ont chanté le dernier soir.
The kids sang the last night.
[It was an iPad fest for the parents.]

L'Amour de ma vie - Je l'aime trop.
The love of my life - I love him so much.

Jésus on te remercie pour cette belle semaine !
Ta création, nos amis (vieux et nouveaux), Ta Parole et Ta joie.
Nous sommes reconnaissants.

Jesus we thank you for this beautiful week !
Your creation, our friends (old and new), Your Word and Your joy.
We are thankful.

--Love Linz

a little hello from Austria

A slice of Heaven

at Millstätter See in Austria.

--Love Linz

ps - back home in Nice,
we will miss this lake all year
so thankful
more pictures to come

Saturday, 11 August 2012

too busy?

You know the days when you wake up and just start going going going?
Perhaps for you it's everyday.
I have heard kids can add this for sure.
[One day we will be able to relate, but until then...]

Today we prepare to leave for Austria for a week.
You know, the castle on a lake where I met my Prince Charming 3 years ago?
Ya, that one.

{August 2009}

We are looking forward to some good Bible study, friends and enjoying God's spectacular creation !
And being away from the Nice heat and humidity is an another added bonus.

{August 2011}

Anyways, today I hopped out of bed, drank some water, brushed the teeth and runner's take your mark...

Finish envelope for Dad's 60th Bday present (hint: it's the 27th)
Walk to Post Office
Mail the envelope (one can never be too early with international mail)
Laundry (including sheets)
Change guitar strings
Oil bread boards
Fold laundry (dries FAST these days)
Put sheets back on bed
Clean bathroom
Water plants
Texting back and forth with my man at work
Move fans around around to keep sweating to a minimum

{August 2009}

I did have a sweet little pause when Nancy came over to chat.  Thanks Nancy.

Then finally, at 5:30pm I sat down and read my Bible.
Ahhhh, refreshing.
Now I know why I try to read in the mornings BEFORE the craziness.

{August 2009}

I have a one-year Bible, and today I started the great story of Nehemiah asking permission to rebuild the wall to the city of Jeruselem (Neh.1); then read about Paul exhorting the Corinthians to be committed in their marriages (I Cor.7); then I finished with Psalm 31 going off about the unfailing love and protection of God and how those who are loyal to Him can have hope in Him.

Just spending time reading the love letter that God has written to me is better than any high I could find anywhere else.  I know that it is God speaking to me, because I have this oxymoronic insane peace and calming joy.

{August 2009, before Tonio, probably praying God would bring him soon - bam !}

I have tasted and seen that the LORD is good (Psalm 34:8).
I hope that you either have already and will continue or that you will taste His goodness for the first time.
He's written us a really cool letter - let's read it !

I know I usually don't write this much text, but I had to share this with you today.
I was also really encouraged by Oswald Chambers too - you can read it in ENGLISH or in FRENCH.

Love Lindsey

{August 2011 - I love this guy !}
see you in Austria or when we get back

ps - all pictures taken at Schloss Herroldeck in Millstatt, Austria

Thursday, 9 August 2012

2 brothers and a sister

We love our siblings !

Back in February, I was given this frame as a birthday gift.
It's about time some real pictures fill it.

We are so thankful for

Happy Faces we love and miss and are so proud of !

Tanner just completed his Bachelors of Arts in Project Management.
Sebastien is working for Air France as a pilot.
Chelsey just started medical school in Tennessee.

We LOVE you guys !!!
--Love Linz and T 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ZEE frchrench

Still at it !

Learning a language is NOT easy,
it IS rewarding !

Fluenz French is one way I learn,
and this vocab/picture section is of course my favorite !

Which one do you think is the correct choice?
{answer below} 

How else do I learn?
  • Going to the Alliance Française for 3 months of INTENSE language study when I first arrived in France.
  • Speaking it.
  • Writing emails, letters and yes even text messages in French.
  • Reading French newspapers and books (kids books right now).
  • Listening via the TV (favorite - Disney Channel dubbed in French).
  • Speaking it some more.
  • Thinking in it.
  • Making errors.
  • Having French friends.
  • Having a fluent French man as a husband - hehe !

{answer: if you picked the lower left, bravo !}

--Love Linz

Saturday, 4 August 2012

barbecue by a river

Friday evening with Friends
{old & new}

 La Rivière-du-Loup

Smokey the Bear

BIG Greeeeeen Spaces

Francis & Navid

Salsa Lessons by Wilson

 The 12 of us represented 8 different countries !
Ivory Coast
United States

And we were all speaking French.
It's truly a small world afterall.

--Love Linz


Thursday, 2 August 2012

handsome AND handy

I married a man who is both !

Today's afternoon projects involved:

making this coat hanger made from found street wood and Ikea hooks

cutting and mounting this "plywood"ish piece so our bikes don't ruin the wall
{i love shadow puppets !}

and making this organizer for our storage closet

like I said, he's handsome AND handy
he sings while he works
and he even vacuums when he's done

folks, he's a keeper no matter what,
and all this is bonus ! =)

Thank you Jesus for my wonderful husband.
--Love Linz