Monday, 20 August 2018

I miss you all

No more apologies.  I just have to be ok with the frequency of my posting.  Truth is, I miss it.  I miss you.  You are my audience, my encouragement to do this, my faithful followers.

In the social media realm, I've closed my facebook account, which should be even more reason for me to be here.  I mean c'mon, right?  Let me tell you why I'm able to type this blog.  Our kids are in bed before 9pm, and they are staying in bed / not crying.

They are finally going to sleep on their own.  Hallelujah!!! It's been a rough year, but things are looking up.  We worked with a sleep trainer* to help us get Daphné to stay in her big girl bed and fall asleep WITHOUT one of us in the room with her.  It's working!  And for Django, we can finally put him down, and he can fall asleep WITHOUT us rocking him or holding him or giving him a pacifier or bottle.  It's working too!

 (picture taken today - Django is 364 days old here)

So, here I am on the eve of our son's first (1st) birthday getting all sentimental and thankful :

Past year :
  • I kept another human being alive for an entire year!
  • I made it through another black hole of post-partum depression... still climbing out - more posts about these things shall come in due season.
  • My parents visited for 3 weeks to meet Django and hang out.
  • We moved to another apartment (total answer to a couple years of prayer).
  • We took a 4-week vacation to Seattle and the San Juan Islands.
  • We just got back from a refreshing week in Austria, where Tonio and I met in 2009 at the Calvary Chapel European conference.
Near future :
  • Daphné starts school September 3rd.
  • Tonio and I go to the Christian Surfers International Gathing on the west coast of France the end of September. 
  • Our church retreat in October.
  • We celebrate 8 years of marriage October 30th!
  • ...
  • ...
  • Christmas =)
  • Daphné's 4th birthday.
  • ...
  • etc...
Should I stop?
Yowsers.  So. Much. Good. Stuff. But. Tiring. Nonetheless.

Well, it's 23h42, which is how the French write 11:42pm.  I must turn in and sleep.  It's been SO MUCH FUN writing again.  Until we meet again.

Love Linz

*Sleep trainer link if you're interested - Natalie is wonderful!  I HIGHLY recommend this method.