Tuesday, 31 May 2011

2 more gifts

thank you french embassy !!!

it's official - tonio and i are now married in france...phew!

thank you...

you made my husband's birthday special...
ps - joyeux anniversaire à toi aussi ;)


Sunday, 29 May 2011

la fête de mère

Today is Mother's Day in France.
This day is celebrated around the world to thank
our mothers for all they've done.
Mom, I know I already called you on the day celebrated in the states,
but I say it again, I love you and I'm so thankful for you!

This morning was precious to watch Tonio give his mom a HUGE hug
and tell her he loves her.  I too am thankful for an amazing belle-mère.

Today is also another special day.
By the grace of God and the power of His Holy spririt,
I lead worship for the first time for Sunday service
at Calvary Chapel Nice...IN FRENCH !!!

I thank my husband for his encouragement and support.
Also, thank you to all who prayed for me.
I was nervous.  My prayers still sound like I'm 4 or 5,
BUT we worshiped Jesus...

that's all that matters - Jesus was glorified this morning,
and I'm so thankful to be able to use the gift He's given
me to lead His people in worship.

That's all...I just wanted to share with you.
Thanks for listening.

God is good.

Love Lindsey

birthday boxes

Ma famille a envoyé deux boites pour l'anniversaire de tonio - 29
(My family sent two boxes for tonio's birthday - 29)

 il a reçu deux pistolets avec des flèches de ventouse...
(he received two guns with suction cup arrows...)

et des legos - mon mari a un don pour legos
(and legos - my husband has a gift for legos)

peut-être dix minutes plus tard
(maybe ten minutes later)

après note guerre - j'ai accidentellement tiré sur moi-même - ha!
(after our war - i accidentally shot myself - ha!)

merci maman, papa, chels et tan
(thank you mom, dad, chels, and tan)

--Linz and Tonio

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Karlsruhe, Germany







wolfgang's room

wolfgang and ilana


tonio's home in 2004/5



go away

buff gargoil

not a church

kiss with an attempted dry willy - ha!


esther and manu

more friends

and more friends

daniel and his kids

homemade birthday cake

zee boyz


happy couple

hanging out



 love this face


back together again





feet meet slide


 fried mozzarella and veggie salad



it was fun to meet so many of the people that tonio 
loves and misses from his year studying there


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Siegen, Germany

en voiture
(by car)


Gunther est venu avec nous
(Gunther came with us)

nous sommes passés par l'italie...plus tard par la suisse
(we passed through italy...later through switzerland)
Aurelia...c'est pour jordan et michelle
(Aurelia...this is for jordan and michelle)

Savona...c'est pour quinn et sa famille
(Savona...this is for quinn and her family)

voilà, la côte de l'italie - maintenant on tourne à gauche
(here it is, the coast of italy - now we turn left) 


apprendre à prendre des photos avec des paramètres different
merci tonio
(learning to take pictures with different settings)

il reste combien du kilometres?
(how many kilometers left?)

siegen...presque là
(siegen...almost there)

calvary chapel siegen, thème - le Saint-Esprit
(theme - the Holy Spirit)

emma !!!

emma m'a montré un petit peu de sa danse
(emma showed me a little bit of her dance) 


noahja, rob, elisa, darlène


lindsey - emma date

pasteur rob de ma ville natale
(pastor rob from my hometown) 

conference formidable
(great conference) 

représenter France et Luxembourg
(representing France and Luxemberg)


Martin et Marika Varnholt
nous avons resté chez eux
(we stayed at their place) 


chypre - emma et tim mattox

Inga-lill =)

tonio et moi sommes très reconnaissants 
pour le possibilité assistir à ce conference.

(tonio and i are very thankful 
for the opportunity to attend this conference.)

merci pour votre visite
(thank you for your visit)

prochain arrêt...karlsruhe, allemagne
(next stop...karlsruhe, germany)