Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Django is born!

He's here!!!

Django Timothy Petrignani
21 August, 2017
3.5 kg (7.8 lbs.)
50 cm (19.7")

His name means "I awake" to "honor God" - we pray he grows into a man that honors God with his whole heart and his life.  We are in love.  (Lots of hearts emojis and smiley faces with heart eyes...hehe)

Just after the birth.  He was all slimy, but so cute!!!

The birthplace.

View from the birthing room.

View from my room in the maternity ward.

Not a bad day to start life... just look at that Mediterranean sunrise!

Our little man.

Smiles from the beginning.

Proud Papa - this guy coached me through a pretty intense birth.  He's my hero!

Meanwhile, with Mamie and Papi, our little doll is not having any fun.

And she proceeded to tell Mamie that Mama lets her stand on top of her dresser...hmmm... little stinker!

A bit smeared, but this was on Django's little bed.

My sweet boy.

Absolute perfection.

Love buggles.

Smile selfie.

Our first dinner together.

And he was born right after the lunar eclipse.

Pretty cool!
Maybe that's what started my contractions =)

Django - we got the name from the famous gypsy jazz musician Django Reinhardt.
Timothy - we got from my dad's name - keeping it in the family.

We thank God for this second treasure from Heaven!

Love Linz

Sunday, 20 August 2017

9 months pregnant

Hey guys,
I'm almost certain this will be one of the last blog posts before our sweet little man arrives.  Here are a few things we've been doing lately.

Pool with Julie!


Beach picnic.

Daphné with her posse, Jordan and Emmanuel.

Turned stormy with 2 rainbows!

I love him!

Undies on the head!

Our little monkey.

She's leveling up.

Mix table with papa.


She loves her Papa!

Friends Céline and Edgar - they have a little almost 2-year-old Hector, who isn't pictured.

Our restaurant.


Moments with Mamie.

Tossing rocks.

My sis and I are both pregnant!

Love Linz

Saturday, 12 August 2017

August memories

As we await the arrival of our son, we've been keeping busy trying to stay cool, along with other day to day things.  Here are few pictures from my phone.


Great brothers in Christ : Michael, Steven, Nathan.

Pool days in the living room.

And yes, sometimes I join her.  This photo is currently my phone lock screen cover.  I love the colors and the beauty in the middle!

Night in an air-conditioned hotel - thank you Tonio!!! 38 weeks pregnant.

Our little princess at PapiMamieLand!

And she sometimes becomes a kitty cat.

Onsies for "tiny brother."

Too hot in her bedroom.  She took over my side of the bed at 6:30am.

Pool near our home!

Selfie?  What?

Tonio leading worship...

...Daphné dancing.

Undies on the head.  Situation normal, as my good friend Crystal says.

39 weeks pregnant.

Our little Cleopatra. (photo : Pierre)

She's so big!

Love Linz