Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My mama friends

Even though we don't see each other all the time, these 2 mamas (Ave and Maki) help keep me sane.  It's pretty cool how we met through an international mom's group when our littles were really littles.  We've continued to meet ever since, and I'm so thankful.

This hang out was at Ave's new home!  Yay Ave!

Ave and Astor.

Daphné and Juli making play dough pies.

Too cute.  They actually play "together" now, instead of play separately next to each other.

A really nice terrace.

The kid zone.

And the balcony on the other side.  So calm and quiet.

Toma and Juli (bro and sis).

Toma photobombs our selfie =)

Music session.

Posing for their album cover.

Ave is a professional concert pianist, so I felt honored when she asked me to tune the guitar.

Eating outside.  We can always count on Maki to have her selfie stick!

Forced snuggles.

"Get me out of here!"

Group shot!

And another just for fun =)

Thanks so much Ave for your hospitality!  I'm so thankful for you girls and your kids.

Love Linz

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