Saturday, 12 August 2017

August memories

As we await the arrival of our son, we've been keeping busy trying to stay cool, along with other day to day things.  Here are few pictures from my phone.


Great brothers in Christ : Michael, Steven, Nathan.

Pool days in the living room.

And yes, sometimes I join her.  This photo is currently my phone lock screen cover.  I love the colors and the beauty in the middle!

Night in an air-conditioned hotel - thank you Tonio!!! 38 weeks pregnant.

Our little princess at PapiMamieLand!

And she sometimes becomes a kitty cat.

Onsies for "tiny brother."

Too hot in her bedroom.  She took over my side of the bed at 6:30am.

Pool near our home!

Selfie?  What?

Tonio leading worship...

...Daphné dancing.

Undies on the head.  Situation normal, as my good friend Crystal says.

39 weeks pregnant.

Our little Cleopatra. (photo : Pierre)

She's so big!

Love Linz

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