Monday, 29 August 2011

samedi, dimanche, lundi

saturday, sunday, monday

du boef, des tomates grillés
beef, roasted tomatoes
 du perrier, de la moutarde, des roses de mon mari
perrier, mustard, roses from my husband

 du vin rouge et du foot
red wine and soccer

la réunion café planning chez nous
café planning meeting at our house
  tonio, dio, nathalie, anne, carole, michael, et jonathan

plus tard - une coupure de courant, pizza dîner aux chandelles
later - power outage, candlelight pizza dinner

chaque fille adore les fleurs
every girl loves flowers
une meilleure vue des roses de tonio
a better view of the roses from tonio

les autres dans notre salle de bain
the others in our bathroom

merci d'être venu
thanks for coming

Friday, 26 August 2011

table de nuit

old / new nightstand

on l'a acheté dans un magasin d'occasion
we bought it in a second hand store

yay !!!

c'est parfait pour mes affairs
it's perfect for my things

by the way...
il fait mois chaud aujourd'hui - merci Jésus !
it's not as hot today - thank you Jesus !

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


une canicule

l'air frais du dehors le matin
morning cool air from outside

on a commencé à dormir ici, mais il faisait trop chaud
we started sleeping here, but it was too hot

alors, on a mis notre matelas dans le salon pour deux nuits
then, we put our mattress in the living room for two nights

mais, il y avait un problème...les fours de la boulangerie sont en-dessous
but, there was a little problem...the bakery ovens are underneath

enfin, la troisième nuit, on a très bien dormi sur le lit mezzanine
finally, the third night, we slept very well on the loft bed

je ne peux pas me plaindre
notre apartement est une grande bénédiction
en ce moment, il fait juste vraiment chaud

i can't complain
our apartment is a huge blessing
at the moment, it's just really hot

merci Jésus pour la mer, les douches froides et pour les ventilateurs !
thank You Jesus for the sea, cold showers and for fans !


Monday, 22 August 2011


top 20 pictures

view from our bed and breakfast in Millstatt

tonio playing with riley and nick taylor

meant for each other


photo showdown with pierre // gals in green

another view from our balcony - not bad

tonio and i led worship together one morning

i think we're singing a "th" sound here

i was blessed to lead worship for the ladies every morning

the dock

wayne taylor

my babe


yann swimming all by himself


the exact spot on the dock where we met 2 years ago

tonio leading worship again with the guys

pierre, wayne, tonio, and dave sylvester ordaining daniel flores (Lyon, France)

i brought this bottle home with me =)

as you can see, we're pretty happy
we are both thankful for this place in so many ways

to all of our friends and family,
thank you for your love, support and prayers
God continues to strengthen us daily as a couple

In August 2009, I met my Prince in a Castle in Austria.
In August 2011, we came back with rings on our fingers.

--Love Linz

Monday, 15 August 2011

hear the conference live

hey guys - we are here in austria, where we met 2 years ago =)

if you want to check out the conference, you can listen / watch live online by clicking HERE or try clicking on the following link:

we are 9 hours ahead of Pacific coast time, so do the math... (it will be late)
i get to lead worship for the women's sessions that start around 11:15am

time table from europe time to CA/WA time
9:30am = 12:30am (late)
11:15am = 2:15am (later - ha!)
7pm = 10am (this one might be possible)

love lindsey

Saturday, 13 August 2011


4 days in the mountains
with 4 guys

 which way men?

 dinner by head lamp

i'm the small one

made it worth the vertical, CRAZY climbs

far from home

 french mountains

La Cime de la Calmette - lunch spot day 2

wearing my jacket on my legs - ha

battle scar - wrestled a wild pig

i love my husband

looks like fall

roasted marshmallows 

2nd campsite - not a bad view

Notre Dame de la Menour in the distance

decided to stop for lunch at the church

the heart of a man

 swimming hole

 tonio swimming - it was COLD

 Cascade du Piaon

hiking up the Vallon du Guion

 3rd campsite - le Pont du Fountan

home is where you hang your hiking boots 

morning light

 river men

working on their hypothermia

 old house on the trail

le Pont du Sugliet

 wild blackberries everywhere

 final destination - Lucéram
our tour:
8-11 August, 2011
about 40 km
roughly 25 miles

my husband did an incredible job organizing this trip
james, thomas, and jonathan were great company
i praise Jesus for opportunities such as these
can't wait to do it again !!!