Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Friend Reunion

Tonio went to school with two guys named Thomas and Edgar.  They've all kept in touch throughout the years.  They all got married.  They all had babies in 2015.  And WE ALL met in Cannes last Saturday before Easter.

Here's what went down.

Daphné's 3rd train ride.

A natural.

Bundle of fun.

This face makes me melt.

Tonio and Edgar.  [Note: Tonio's shirt was specially picked out for today.]

The men and their littles : Tonio & Daphné, Edgar & Hector, Thomas & Clément.

Hard to get three distracted dads and 3 kids all looking and smiling with eyes open at the same time.

Edgar and Thomas switched babies for fun.

The girls.

Maëva & Clément, Céline & Hector, Me & Daphné.

It was like a scene from a movie.

I mean, look =).

Take your marks, go!

Tonio holding Thomas & Maëva's little Clément.

We are thankful for our friendships.  Looking forward to seeing these 3 grow up knowing each other.

Love Linz

Daphné Life

Eat. Sleep. Play.




Plastic toy food.

Plastic apples.

Plastic oranges.


On our bed.

In the stroller.

On Papi.

In her bed.


On the couch with Daddy.

At the library with a kindergarten class.

At the park.

With Uncle Seb's iPhone.

On mommy's shoulders.

At Place Garibaldi.

At another park.

On the piano with her friends Juli and Astor.

At home.

In the kitchen.


With her Uncle Seb.

At her friend Astor's house with Juli too.

Love Linz

Monday, 7 March 2016

Le Baou de Saint-Jeannet

A few weeks ago, I told Tonio I really wanted to do this hike.  It's a huge bluff in Nice that you can see from all over.  Last week, he wrote it on the calendar.  Today, we did it!  Thanks Tonio!

You can see it in the distance on our drive up.  It's pretty much smack dab in the middle of the photo.

Getting closer.  It's a pretty majestic bluff!

Getting some beauty sleep before being carried in her royal chariot.

Walking through the cute little town before reaching the trail head.

I like Daphné's little dangling feet.

Carrying our little lamb.

A view from half way up.

Walking over the moon rocks.

Up, up and up!

So worth it!

Like Tonio's head dressing?

Better family selfie.  Daph was so not interested.

Lunch with a view.  We could see almost the entire marathon route.  Do you remember THIS POST when Tonio and Sebastien voluntarily ran from Nice to Cannes in November 2015?  Still so amazed and proud! 

My old faithfuls keeping it real.

Going down.

Perfectly puffy clouds.

So, what does the cloud make you think of?  I've always enjoyed this game.  I see a butterfly =).

Love Linz