Sunday, 13 September 2015

Daphné's name

a very good friend of ours made this for Daphné when she was born (9th of January, 2015) - isn't it beautiful? :

that same friend wrote this on the back of the card :

"if Daphné is associated with the laurel, and Christiane means follower of Christ, then we are reminded that as followers of Jesus we are running a race marked out for us.  Running in such a way as to win a prize or a crown as in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25.  The wreath of which it speaks was commonly a wreath of laurel.  Knowing this, the name of this newest daughter of the King, Daphné Christiane, is essentially, 'The Prize for Following Christ.' "

thanks friend (wink) !

Love Linz

Monday, 7 September 2015

Summer 2015

just10 photos from our summer in the states

after looking through more than 700 pictures, i decided to limit my blogging time and your viewing experience to a quick overview... please enjoy these special memories with me!

1) Los Angeles, CA
It's tradition!  Whenever we land in LA, we go visit Grandma Betty Hutchinson, that's just what we do.  This time was extra special because Daphné met her Great Grandma for the first time and vice versa.  This picture represents 4 generations : Germon, Hutchinson, Petrignani.  And yes, I do think my dad's shirt is pretty awesome.

2) Roseville, CA
Road trip!  Daphné's first time in Northern California and first time meeting her Uncle Tanner (my brother) and her Auntie Sarah.  We drove up for my brother's surprise 30th birthday party.  You may or may not know, but Tanner and Sarah had a precious baby girl on March 23rd, 2015 (about 2 1/2 months after Daphné).  It was a joyful day of celebration for little Eisley Hope's life.  She had 12 days of perfect life, then went to be with Jesus on April 4th.  This picture is taken at Daphné's little cousin (my little niece) Eisley's grave site.  A memory I will forever cherish.  Our hearts hurt with theirs.

3) Long Beach/Seal Beach, CA
Besties!  Here is my husband's best friend Jordan and his beautiful wife Michelle with their two kids, Aurelia and Florence with one sweet little Vivia on the way.  These guys were in town from Seattle, WA, so of course, we drove to visit them!  We love them so much!

4) Old Agoura, CA
Family!  Our good friends Crystal and Leon, with their two boys Micah and Evan, came up to visit us, and we were able to visit them in Encinitas.  I say family and not just friends, because they have pretty much been adopted into our family.  Here we all our (minus Tanner and Sarah) in front of the house I grew up in : Chelsey (sister), Brett, Leon, Crystal, Micah, Tim (dad), Kathy (mama), Evan, me, Tonio.

5) Thousand Oaks, CA
Cousins!  Our cousin Wyndi lives in Texas with her cute little AJ.  She came for a quick visit, so we were able to spend some cousins-with-kids time together =).  My sister's baby shower was the main event, and then of course Bandit's BBQ with the Lindauer's.

6) Seattle, WA
Washington or bust!  Daphné's first time meeting my Uncle Chris and her first time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Seattle represents family and friends for both me and Tonio.  We are so thankful we could visit.  We love you Uncle Chris!

7) John's Island / San Juan Islands, WA
Magical!  Tonio brought me here 5 years ago and proposed.  So much has happened since then (got married, moved to France, had a kid), and the island still contains its surreal beauty.  We caught salmon and crab, saw porpoises, real-live orca whales, seals, bald eagles, deer... Getting to spend time as a family and with Tonio's family was a blast!  Looking forward to more visits maybe with more kids ;)

8) Los Angeles, CA
Sisters!  Our beloved Uncle David got hitched, which was a great opportunity to borrow some pretty dresses, put bows on our girls' heads and spend some time with the Hutchinson family.  Here I am with my sis, holding my her beautiful little girl, Rowyn, born June 20th, 2015.

9) Encinitas, CA
Again?!  Yes, the Sandoval family means that much to me / to us!!!  My brother just happened to be on a job in the area, so he came over for dinner.  This meant the inevitable self-timer groupies.  Just one year ago, Crystal took a picture of me with my 4-month pregnant belly taking a nap on this very couch.  Such a miracle of life!

10) The BEACH!!!
Sandy diaper!  This picture captures a moment that I will forever cherish, playing with my little girl at the beach.  After Daphné's birth, I couldn't see the light at the end of the "newborn baby tunnel."  Post-partum depression hit me hard, really hard... One day, Tonio was helping me see the light.  He asked what I was looking forward to, and it took everything in me to muster up, "Playing at the beach with our little girl."  I must admit that the moment I said that, I couldn't believe it would actually come true.  Well it has, several times over, in the Pacific Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Daphné's name means victory.  It is only by God's precious saving grace that I'm able to write this blog entry today.  He has given me victory in giving us our sweet, amazing little Daphné!!!  Her life is a precious miracle.  Believe me!

Thanks for stopping by and being patient with my blog radio silence.  I'm back and plan to be more active in posting.

Love Linz