Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to type and accented 'e' for Daphné

In English, we don't really need to know how to type accents...

...but in French, one must learn.  I thought you might like to know how to type Daphné's name with an accent on the 'e'.  Below are some helpful shortcuts :

If you are using a PC
type Ctrl (Control) + ' (apostrophe) + E.  See more HERE.

If you are on a Mac,
type Option + E + E (again).  See more HERE.

If you are on an iPhone,
longpress your finger on the E, and several options display, choose the "é".

If you are on an android phone,
click on this HELPFUL BLOG that explains it quite nicely.
Now, give it a whirl!


Love Linz 
Her name can always be written without the accent, which is the American version.  Not a problem.  Don't worry, I'm not an accent snob...ha!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Family Photo Shoot

I wanted to share some of our family pictures with you.  These were taken in Encinitas, CA in July 2015 by our good friend Leon (and his wife Crystal, once of my bestest friends in the whole-wide-world, helped keep Daphné laughing and smiling).  I encourage you to check out Leon's website at

Thanks again !!!  We are so thankful to have these great shots of our family!

Love Linz