Wednesday, 29 February 2012

her hair

sometimes a girl needs a little pick-me-up


 doesn't take much - just a little cut and some blond =)
thank you pierre and nancy for this birthday gift !!!

this is where i go

{visit their BLOG}

they are the cutest husband and wife team
he does the hair // she is the clothing buyer & designer


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

saturday, sunday, monday

:: 3 days ::

girls clothing exchange / Bible study

worshiping the Kings of kings
baptism of our Argentinian friend, Matias

flowers and candle holders from my Aunt Cricri

ballet class every monday night...ahhh...

{for those of you who are curious, i dance at ::Danse Passion::
my teacher is ::Julia:: she's a great instructor and beautiful dancer herself}


Sunday, 26 February 2012

zee peeps (2 of 3)

Notre Fête !
Our Party !

Elodie and I celebrated our birthdays together.

the lego master
a very full living room 
(like the curtains, mom? thank you)

and even more in the dining room

Thomas as Prince and Tonio as Lucky Luke

Jordan as John Smith and Alexandra as Pocahontas

Marge and Homer Simpson with Marie Curie

 Leonardo Dicaprio, Hillary Clinton and Madonna

Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier and Barbie

love these guys (real names: Maëva and Thomas)

Ismahan, Tabea, Dio and Leah (real names)

barrez l'intrus

Diana gave me this beautiful necklace

Ismahan and Marie-Christine

Nancy and Ismahan (I think Ismahan found my camera)

coralie and nathalie

lego gun

pizza anyone?      yes please !

nathalie, elodie, anne and me

carolin and the crazy

arnauld joined the ismahan party

a yummy jelly

we all had so much fun
of course, i wished all my family and friends 
from near and far could have come 
thanks for those of you who read this blog
in some weird, bizarre cyberspacial way,
i feel closer to you

thank you Jesus for giving me 31 beautiful years on this earth
--Love Linz

proof of the fun (3 of 3)

you know it's a great party when... can't even find your bed because it's buried in coats and purses

...someone builds you "Happy B-Day" with legos

...Madonna and Barbie show up

...these guys makes an appearance too

...Marilyn and Marie leave you a note in German on the fridge

...the apple cider explodes in the freezer

...the trash pile looks like this

...and you find these the next day while cleaning =)


getting ready (1 of 3)

Mon Anniversaire*
My Birthday

bags and coats

les noms faux pour la tombola
fake names for the raffle

tonio a eu cette bonne idée - legos
tonio had this good idea

verre "en" plastique
"Write your name (real or fake) on your cup. Thanks."

j'ai fêté avec mon amie Elodie
i celebrated with my friend Elodie

Audrey Hepburn (33) et Calamity Jane (31)

le boeuf
the grub

*my real birthday is 21 february, but this party was the 24th =)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

for Micah & Evan

Dear Captain Micah and Ninja Evan,
I love you both very much.
This made me think of you, 
and I'm sure you both know the proper name for it.

Love Auntie Lindsey

ps - Crystal and Leon, I love you guys too !

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Merci Pierre et Nancy !
{i like our fun tradition}

reçu comme cadeau: 25 décembre, 2011

8 janvier, 2012

29 janvier

1 février

note: the middle shot is blue because i was playing with color swap 
and forgot to reset my camera =)