Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2 favorite men

Highlights from the past few days.

So as not to bore you with 50 100 150... 
way too many photos, 
I'll share just a few.

26 December, 2013
 A walk to the sea with my beau-gosse and my Daddy.

 Walking under Santa... did you know Santa hangs out here at the Mediterranean Sea?

 Haagen Dazs.

27 December, 2013
 Lunch at Bông-Laï with the fam.

 Running anyone?

 I was rollerblading with them.

29 December, 2013
 I'm leading worship with Tonio playing the cajon and singing harmonies.
Our friend Alexandre is playing the violin.

 Nice Ferris Wheel !

 Love this shot with the city behind us.

Me and my babe.

30 December, 2013
 Hike from Eze-sur-mer to Eze Village.

We made it to the top.

 Enjoying the old fortified city.

 Coffee and hot chocolate on a terrace with a sacrée vue.

 Feet !
{Sarah & Tan, you may notice my socks... I love them, thanks.}

31 December, 2013
The Old Man and the Tree {one-thousand years old, to be almost exact.}

Love Linz

Christmas Day

Joyeux Noël
25 December, 2013

We had a very Merry CHRISTmas, and we hope you did too.

Love Linz

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Enjoying Nice.
24 December, 2013

 My dad offerred to be my shopping mule, and what a great mule he was.  
He's pretty good looking too, for an old guy ;).  Mama, that was for you.

 He even bought us churros !

A new Nice fountain.

 Musée Masséna.

 GQ meets Bolt.

 One of these days, I'll pay to go inside.  Until, I'll enjoy their free gardens.

'Twas a fun day walking around with my Papa !!!
In the evening, we had a worship candlelight service at church.

Love Linz