Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2 favorite men

Highlights from the past few days.

So as not to bore you with 50 100 150... 
way too many photos, 
I'll share just a few.

26 December, 2013
 A walk to the sea with my beau-gosse and my Daddy.

 Walking under Santa... did you know Santa hangs out here at the Mediterranean Sea?

 Haagen Dazs.

27 December, 2013
 Lunch at Bông-Laï with the fam.

 Running anyone?

 I was rollerblading with them.

29 December, 2013
 I'm leading worship with Tonio playing the cajon and singing harmonies.
Our friend Alexandre is playing the violin.

 Nice Ferris Wheel !

 Love this shot with the city behind us.

Me and my babe.

30 December, 2013
 Hike from Eze-sur-mer to Eze Village.

We made it to the top.

 Enjoying the old fortified city.

 Coffee and hot chocolate on a terrace with a sacrée vue.

 Feet !
{Sarah & Tan, you may notice my socks... I love them, thanks.}

31 December, 2013
The Old Man and the Tree {one-thousand years old, to be almost exact.}

Love Linz


  1. Beautiful pics Linz - Thanks for sharing - I love all of them - Bisouxxxxx

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. And Lindsey, your face.... you look radiant!! I want to look as happy as you! :)

    1. Aw... thanks Sandra. That's really sweet. I'm glad you enjoy following the blog. And as for the radiance, well, I may just have to blame that on the joy of the Lord, being with my husband and my daddy... hehe =)