Monday, 26 September 2016

On TV!

Hello fellow blog people, so you know how sometimes you can just be in the right place at the right time?  Well, Daphné and I experienced this last week.  We went to this cool new café that caters to parents and kids.  Wednesday mornings is puppet show morning, so we went for the first time.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Channel 3 news team to ask us a few questions.  The report aired that night on the local evening news.

For those of you who don't speak French, my French is absolutely perfect in the interview!  (Ha!)  For those of you who do speak French, I'm trying so hard.  Your language is difficult to pronounce (but beautiful nonetheless, so I apologize when I butcher it).


We were there early, so Daphné got to play a bit.

She knows this place well.  I'm so thankful to have a spot like this.  If only there were more in Nice!

And when you're done watching the video, you can check out the café's website: 

Love Linz

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Our little Organizer

I'm sure every toddler at some point, goes through an organizing, sorting, grouping, matching, lining up... phase.  Here's some pictures I've taken this year of Daphné's creations.

Mama's shoes.

Not bad.

Dog butt magnets and clothespin magnets.


Additional cooking utensils.

Round objects.

Spoons again.

Papa's tools.

Her little people.

The artist at work.

Pasta on top of pasta.

When I saw this, I had to ask Tonio if he did it.  Nope.  She designed this one all by herself.


Tallest to shortest.

Strainers and popsicle sticks.

And, I must admit that she is just as good at un-organizing too!  Ha!

Love Linz

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Leah : Day 6 + Misc

Hey guys, sometimes it takes me a while to get the blog updated.  I still have a post I want to do sharing pictures from a hike Tonio and his brother did a while ago.  Some consuming and important events have come up and been taking much of my time (working with a sleep trainer for Daphné and my mom's health).  Enjoy this last day with my friend Leah, along with a few extra pictures that I forgot to post in the other days... AND 2 bonus photos at the end =).

We had to get gelato.  It's a must.  This is Daphné's very first tiny gelato.  Her face says "happy."  So cute.

She approves!  Side note : Daphné really enjoys chocolate ice cream or anything for that matter.  I'm so proud.  Ha.

Making some mustard chicken, one of Tonio's favorite dishes.

A lot of these pictures were sent to me from Leah.  Isn't this a sweet mirror selfie of Leah and Daphné?

Trying on Leah's sunglasses.

Nighttime hangout.  // This ends Day 6. // Onto the miscellaneous.


Stroller nappin'.

Sunday morning exploration of church.

Sweetness at the olive grove.

In the monastery.

Walking down our stairwell.  Daphné can do the stairs now holding onto the rails and my hand! // AND below are the bonus photos!!!

I sent Leah home with 5 pains au chocolat in a tupperware for her husband, Eli, her kids and her grandmother.  This is her 3 year-old daughter, Vera, enjoying her croissant.

And here is her 5 year-old son, Grant, waking up to the smell of his croissant.  I still don't know what they thought, but I have a feeling it was a success!

Thanks for following my adventure with my friend Leah.  And to Leah, thank you for coming my dear friend.  I love you!

Love Linz

Monday, 12 September 2016

Leah : Day 5

August 30th was our last jam packed day of planned site-seeing.  We took a tram to the bus station, a bus to Eze, explored Eze, and hopped on another bus down to Monaco, explored Monaco, and hopped on a different bus back to Nice... whew!  We had fun and only got rained on once.

PINK in the parking lot of the Fragonard Parfumerie in Eze.

We hauled to the tippy top of Eze for some quick pictures to avoid being hit by the storm or lightning or something.

Walk down Eze... the storm decided to hold off until later, thankfully.

And here we are in front of the Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Side of the casino.

Panoramic view of where we ate lunch.

We just ordered 3 appetizers... it was perfect!

In the church where Grace Kelley's tomb is located.

I still can't remember to look at the camera, not my face.  HA!

There, squinty Chinese eyes... you can't even tell where I'm looking.

We had a great day, and even got to tour the palace of the Prince.  Leah had some pictures, but you can just google Monaco palace if you'd really like to see what it looks like.  Here, I've done the work for you... click HERE for the official site or HERE for pictures.

Love Linz

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Leah : Day 3 and 4

August 28 and 29, 2016

Beach picnic in the evening after church.  Nothing like a good swim in the Mediterranean Sea with this beauty.

I think I could have gotten closer to the wall, what do you think?  No scrapes or bumps or even touches.  That's what you call talent.


Ready, set, pose.

Dark clouds and French shutters.

It's often me behind the camera, so it's different to see pictures of my backside.  Hehe!

Leah's speakin' my language.  Feet!

Narrow passage ways.

So many stairways to explore.

Lunch on terrace with an incredible view.  Yes, please.

Leah with her cute "barnacle" Daphné.  She waddled around in her diaper saying, "Le-AH, LEE-ah!"  I think she even waited at the bathroom door to be the first to say "Leah!" when she walked out.

Love Linz