Saturday, 10 September 2016

Leah : Day 3 and 4

August 28 and 29, 2016

Beach picnic in the evening after church.  Nothing like a good swim in the Mediterranean Sea with this beauty.

I think I could have gotten closer to the wall, what do you think?  No scrapes or bumps or even touches.  That's what you call talent.


Ready, set, pose.

Dark clouds and French shutters.

It's often me behind the camera, so it's different to see pictures of my backside.  Hehe!

Leah's speakin' my language.  Feet!

Narrow passage ways.

So many stairways to explore.

Lunch on terrace with an incredible view.  Yes, please.

Leah with her cute "barnacle" Daphn√©.  She waddled around in her diaper saying, "Le-AH, LEE-ah!"  I think she even waited at the bathroom door to be the first to say "Leah!" when she walked out.

Love Linz