Monday, 28 February 2011

a walk around the block

J'aime notre quartier!
(I love our neighborhood)

 le chat à l'extérieur de notre cuisine
(the cat outside of our kitchen)

 la boulangerie en bas
(the bakery downstairs)

 le magasin à côté de la boulangerie, un petit chien
(the store next to the bakery, a little dog)

 le chien très mignon attendre leur maître
(the very cute dog waiting for his owner)

 attention aux trains
(careful of the trains)

 pourquoi pas?
(why not?)

le 23
(the 23)

 un grosse tête laide
(a big ugly head)

 un Boxer sautant
(a Boxer jumping)

le tram
(the tram)

deux chiens duveteux - un petit peu indistinct
(two fluffy dogs - a little bit blurry)

 le rue verticale à notre rue
(the street perpendicular to our street)

 une bonne idée pour la transportaion publique
(a good idea for public transportation)

l'arrêt de bus juste devant notre apartment
(the bus stop just in front of our apartment)

un Labrador
(a Labrador)

Friday, 25 February 2011

marseilles vs. manchester united - feb 23, 2001

My husband enjoys soccer (football).
I'm always so thankful when he gets to play or watch it on TV.

This night, he got to see a European Cup Game LIVE!!!

Some of his soccer buddies joined together and
drove 2 hours to Marseilles for the match.
I was at home watching it on television - so fun!

He took this picture from his place in the stands.
Like magic to see a stadium full and lit up like this.

Both teams played well, and the end result was 0-0.
We will see how Marseilles does when they play in Manchester.

Hope you enjoyed.
I have to admit, I am getting more and more into soccer and rugby,
and I LOVE it!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

in town

showing Paris what Nice is all about
back of bus #4 or 7 - i can't remember
 old nice
 eating sokka
 narrow paths in old nice
Mediterranean sea and promenade
 carnival floats
 not a fan
 in my dreams, i ride sea horses
 like the rose parade, but not
 find my husband
 cute little tiny egg holders - couldn't resist taking a picture
 au revoir Elisa - merci pour venir
à bientôt à Paris ;)


birthday - feb 21, 2001

3 decades later and this is what you get
Elisa came from Paris to visit me - 
we made cookies the night before the BIG day
 my French class
Javier (Argentina), Kanna (Japan), me, Anne Marie (our professor), 
Joseppe (Italy), Kartick (India), Abdula (Saudi Arabia)...
I'm so thankful for these classes
 Elisa took us out for lunch
 Crystal and Leon (and Tonio, of course), thank you for these yummy treats
 oh...French pastries...I really don't have any words
thank you Micah and Sonic!!!
 reading a note from my mom
 displaying some of my gifts
 tonio took me out for Japanese food for dinner
Miso soup - yum!!!!
 so good
 fried bananas - we went all out
 no comment
circle what doesn't belong

thank you Jesus for blessing me so much on my birthday 
through my husband, family and friends


horses - feb 19, 2011

A woman at church found out i loved horses
Her daughter rides, so they invited me to watch one of her lessons
i was such a happy girl
molly's size
 Coralie (12 yrs) rode the black and white paint, Colorado
 a bareback lesson for balance
 in french, it's called "à cru" - literally "raw"
 i didn't pet ALL of them, but i sure did try
 they look tiny, right?
 well, they are - the horses come in small, medium and large
every young girl's first love - a pony

this day was so much fun
it smelled like home....mmmmm =)