Friday, 27 June 2014

time to play

And here are some fun pictures from the past week or so...

 Kebabs !

 Wiiiiiiiiiii !

 World Cup party (1 of 4) with the Loewen fam.

World Cup party (2 of 4) with the gals (Sarah, Rachel and Jessica).  No pictures from the 3rd and 4th parties, but fun was had by all, I'm sure.

 Gelato !

 Crèpes : nutella banana & sugar lemon - thanks guys for sharing with me.

 Gelato after crèpes... hey, when in Nice, France... pourquoi pas?

The mother of a local artist... no, she is not sitting down - haha.  Here is the artist's website : SYLVIE T.

 And the mom of Sylvie T. insisted that the 3 of us get a photo together... I feel short with these guys.

Having WAY too much in this cool old palace in Old Nice - you can learn more at : PALAIS LASCARIS.

 Good thing there were enough statues to go around.

 These guys are too much.

 Mirror selfie !  Hi Mom !  Hi Dad !

A visit with Lady Liberty.

Thanks for following our adventures.

Love Linz

men at work

Jeremiah and Daniel hit the ground running !
They came with hearts ready to serve and have fun.  Fifteen years-old.  What a blessing. 

{For those who don't know, Jeremiah on the left is my cousin's son, and Daniel is his buddy.}

They helped clean the front of the Bible bookstore.

 The signs have never sparkled so much.

 Another day they checked all the screws on the chairs at Calvary Chapel Nice...

 ...AND washed them all - good job guys - thanks !

They do windows too !

 Such great team work - the sun shines brighter in the church now =)

 Family dinner last night in prep to watch the USA - Germany game.

We are really enjoying having the boys with us.  I can't believe over half their trip has already passed.  Still more adventures to come !

Love Linz

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

our new house guests

They made it !!!

Welcome Jeremiah and Daniel !  Ready for 2 1/2 weeks of French adventure?!

Love Linz

Saturday, 14 June 2014

afternoon in Antibes

Well, as I type, Tonio is in a high speed train on his way home from Paris... jump up and down, flail arms with joy !!!  I've missed him, if that wasn't obvious.

Last Thursday (2 days ago), I went with Nancy to Antibes to visit with Rob and Cricri in their beautiful flat in Antibes.
It's always fun to hang out with them.

Walking in town with the gals.

Le Café Jardin - Mama, you would LOVE this place !!!  Probably you too Daddy {There is "garage art" everywhere!}

Cool menus.

Yummy salads.

How cool is the patio?  Above us are grapevines, with the first signs of grapes forming.

Mirror - group selfie - but of course !

Another section of the garden terrace.

Inside - they have the most insane collection of frogs (fake ones).  If you're ever in Antibes, I highly recommend this place - here is their WEBSITE.

Voilà, me with Nancy and Cricri in one of the main plazas in Antibes !

Thanks again Rob and Cricri for a fun afternoon.  I'm so thankful for you guys.  Planning on a visit with my man soon.  Love you !!!

Love Linz

Friday, 13 June 2014

hike last Monday

last Sunday (June 8th) was Pentecost, and the Monday after is always a holiday in France, so we hike...

 group shot by Pierre : me, James, Nancy, Mitch, Thomas, Corinne, Steven, Kadi, Marion, Marisca

 over yonder is the sea

 and over here is me {feeling cheesy tonight as I make this blog post}

 France has the most amazing trails

 snack time

 Corinne, Nancy, Marion, me (picture credit : Pierre)

 how majestic is our God !

hiking down through the green canopy

Love Linz

Thursday, 12 June 2014

a 45th wedding anniversary

4 young couples were invited to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of a couple at church, Barb and Craig... I took a few pictures...

Daniela, Jean-Rémi, Mauro, Alexandre, Anna

 Sandra, me and Gabriel

 zee cake

 the bride in her original wedding gown 45 years later - wow !!!

 the bride and groom

Enjoy more pictures and more commentary on Barb's beautiful blog HERE.
{Tonio is still in Paris, so I represented =) }

Love Linz

Friday, 6 June 2014

des fleurs de mon chéri

flowers from my chéri

i've never met a girl who doesn't love getting flowers

my handsome is gone for a week in Paris, so he left me with these beauties - he said, "when you look at them, you can think of me."  well, it's working... i'm thinking about him - hehe  {not that i needed any help; i always miss my best friend when he's not around}

merci mon amour,

Love Linz

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gunther !

Many of you already know Gunther.  He's my faithful travel buddy that I made at build-a-bear in 2002 (no, I was not a little girl, I was almost a university-graduate - ha!)

Well, Gunther is the "groom" to my cabbage patch kid, Rachel Esmeralda (I didn't name her - she came with that name).  I was asked to do the window display for the bookstore, so I went with the marriage theme, since so many weddings often occur in the summer time.
You'll notice Rachel Esmeralda has a white wedding gown on.  I'm not a great seamstress, but I can whip out a doll dress in a pinch (just don't look at the back).

Here is a shot of the final decorations with the books on display.  Sorry about the reflection in the window.

They are holding a book translated from English, called "Sacred Marriage," (English // French) which I highly recommend to any married couple no matter how many years you've been married.

Translation : Did you know... that marriage is mentioned over 100 times in the Bible?  ...that Jesus did his first miracle at a wedding?  ...that God instituted marriage at the beginning of time?  ...that Jesus is going to prepare a wedding feast at the end of time?

A few books and a verse.

More books and another verse.

I've been working here about 2 years, and people stop ALL the time to look at the window display.  I'm hoping this one gives them a better idea of what marriage is and how God intended it.  And perhaps they'll find a nice card and maybe a book or pretty white Bible for a couple that's getting married this summer =).

Love Linz