Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gunther !

Many of you already know Gunther.  He's my faithful travel buddy that I made at build-a-bear in 2002 (no, I was not a little girl, I was almost a university-graduate - ha!)

Well, Gunther is the "groom" to my cabbage patch kid, Rachel Esmeralda (I didn't name her - she came with that name).  I was asked to do the window display for the bookstore, so I went with the marriage theme, since so many weddings often occur in the summer time.
You'll notice Rachel Esmeralda has a white wedding gown on.  I'm not a great seamstress, but I can whip out a doll dress in a pinch (just don't look at the back).

Here is a shot of the final decorations with the books on display.  Sorry about the reflection in the window.

They are holding a book translated from English, called "Sacred Marriage," (English // French) which I highly recommend to any married couple no matter how many years you've been married.

Translation : Did you know... that marriage is mentioned over 100 times in the Bible?  ...that Jesus did his first miracle at a wedding?  ...that God instituted marriage at the beginning of time?  ...that Jesus is going to prepare a wedding feast at the end of time?

A few books and a verse.

More books and another verse.

I've been working here about 2 years, and people stop ALL the time to look at the window display.  I'm hoping this one gives them a better idea of what marriage is and how God intended it.  And perhaps they'll find a nice card and maybe a book or pretty white Bible for a couple that's getting married this summer =).

Love Linz

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