Saturday, 31 May 2014

thé pour les femmes

women's tea

Car Tu es mon secours,
et je crie de joie à l'ombre {à l'abri} de Tes ailes.
-Psaume 63:8

Because You have been my help,
therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.
-Psalms 63:7

 Beautiful decorations by an artist in the church.

 Leading worship by yours truly - always thankful to lead people to Jesus' feet.

 It's fun hearing all ladies' voices.

 The gals.

 Corinne translates into French for Mardee.

 Pretty nice turnout for a Saturday morning.

 I think everyone learned more about the lifeline that God's Word is in our lives.

 A few announcements by Nancy.

 Christine translates into French for Debbie.

 Nancy and I grabbed a whole pile of Bibles and books from the bookstore this week.

"We bring the bookstore to you" should be our motto.

 More beautiful decorations.

 Nancy, Debbie, Corinne, Mardee, Christine // the teachers and translators

And why not... "Lindsey, get in there for a picture !"  
I succeeded in getting an arrow through the head - yes - haha.

I'm really thankful for today.
I was reminded how important it is to read God's Word everyday and spend time with Him.  For without Him, what do I have?  Nothing.  He is my hope, my joy, my life, my peace.  I love my Heavenly Daddy.

If you'd like to listen to the teachings, they should be on this site within the next week or so.  Keep checking back.  And good news, it's in English AND French.

Love Linz

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