Friday, 27 June 2014

time to play

And here are some fun pictures from the past week or so...

 Kebabs !

 Wiiiiiiiiiii !

 World Cup party (1 of 4) with the Loewen fam.

World Cup party (2 of 4) with the gals (Sarah, Rachel and Jessica).  No pictures from the 3rd and 4th parties, but fun was had by all, I'm sure.

 Gelato !

 Crèpes : nutella banana & sugar lemon - thanks guys for sharing with me.

 Gelato after crèpes... hey, when in Nice, France... pourquoi pas?

The mother of a local artist... no, she is not sitting down - haha.  Here is the artist's website : SYLVIE T.

 And the mom of Sylvie T. insisted that the 3 of us get a photo together... I feel short with these guys.

Having WAY too much in this cool old palace in Old Nice - you can learn more at : PALAIS LASCARIS.

 Good thing there were enough statues to go around.

 These guys are too much.

 Mirror selfie !  Hi Mom !  Hi Dad !

A visit with Lady Liberty.

Thanks for following our adventures.

Love Linz

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  1. Thanks Linz for those pics and for presenting us those very sympathic guys - Hey to everybody & see you on Sunday night ..... Big bisoux to share with your whole gang in Gambetta !