Friday, 27 June 2014

men at work

Jeremiah and Daniel hit the ground running !
They came with hearts ready to serve and have fun.  Fifteen years-old.  What a blessing. 

{For those who don't know, Jeremiah on the left is my cousin's son, and Daniel is his buddy.}

They helped clean the front of the Bible bookstore.

 The signs have never sparkled so much.

 Another day they checked all the screws on the chairs at Calvary Chapel Nice...

 ...AND washed them all - good job guys - thanks !

They do windows too !

 Such great team work - the sun shines brighter in the church now =)

 Family dinner last night in prep to watch the USA - Germany game.

We are really enjoying having the boys with us.  I can't believe over half their trip has already passed.  Still more adventures to come !

Love Linz

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