Friday, 14 October 2016

Parc Phoenix

Family day at the Parc Phoenix!

Started off the day with some tea =).


The beginning of a cool bamboo maze for kids.

Papa, my legs aren't that long... wait up.

Left turn.

Right turn.

And we're almost to the end.  It was really peaceful to me to be in here, and oddly enough, it's right across the street from the airport... planes, cars, noise... I still found it incredibly peaceful.

Little monkeys called "Ouistitis" in French.

Pronounced "wee-stee-tee" - it's what the French say when you take a picture, like we say "cheese."

Li'l lonely wallaby.

Look!  Ostriches.

The view is always better on papa's shoulders.

Lemurs.  If you look closely, one is hanging by his back feet on the rope.

And nothing tops off a good day, like a stroll around the house in papa's shoes.

Love Linz

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