Sunday, 1 July 2012

nuits carrées

each year Antibes puts on a 2-night festival called 
"Les Nuits Carrées"

 it's at the Fort Carrée, where Tonio often plays soccer, remember this?

not expensive at all, 15 euros each for both nights, 
about 10 different bands/DJs performed

i love everything about this picture, especially Tonio's face & the photo bombers

not a bad venue, huh?

HANNAH & Les Cordes de l'ORCPACA

The NOTWIST from Germany

fascinated by the glowing sound board

 second night - couldn't ask for better weather


can you find the moustache?

 DELUXE from France

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
I can't wait until next year !

Listen to a few of our {my} favorites:
The NOTWIST - amazing sounds, got the chills a few times
ASAF AVIDAN - crazy voice, excellent entertainer
DELUXE - energetic & super fun grooves

--Love Linz

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